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 Planetary Kundilini Rising



As we are hearing
everywhere people are really feeling something powerful is happening.
Although we have said it a million times before
in millions of channels over and over.....
I like the way Mark Krueger once put it
The Shift has Hit the fan
Literally by the way!!!!!

The generator of shift is tuning up and getting ready for a big heave ho.

All these years of grounding, clearing and releasing have prepared us for the threshold of this brand spanking new doorway.

Please be supportive of our young sensitives.
They are really feeling it strong and have not had the disciplines yet needed to make this a smooth transition.Many of them are having a very challenging time right now . They don't have a clue if they are losing their minds or what's going on.

We all know that feeling oh too well. 

Reach out to the children
teens and especially young adults right now.
Grab a hand
any hand and help them though this narrow passage.

This is an awakening of the utmost intensity.

It is a planetary Kundilini rising.It is very possible that it too is Our precious Milky way rising as well;
A cosmic song of our Music of the Spheres being led by the lyre.

Be sure to breath as breath is spirit. Allow all flows to be directed through the pineal for transitioning and eased through the narrow passageway at base of skull and out through the crown .

Pay close attention to 2007 crop circles as they will blow your mind like never before.

stay grounded
stay clear
and most of all be gentle with self and one another

In loving Grace Steph Rainspirite



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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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