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 Spiritual LoveMaking~ The Ultimate Ecstasy Part 1




Spiritual Sex


There is a subject not often found in articles and yet it is quietly used extensively through the soul mate community.


This somewhat of a taboo subject is spiritual sex, the ultimate ecstasy.


Because soul mates are connected heart to heart , they are capable of “feeling” one another in any given moment at any given time.


They need not connect physically, via phone nor even through use of the intent.


The truth of the matter is that there is no time in fact that soul mates are NOT connected to one another. There are however “unfocused times of space” that lack awareness and consciousness of the other.


If you cannot fully take that in right now please return to read it at another time. This on many levels captures the essence of the soul mate connection.


Because of the dynamics of the soul mate connection there is frequently a large physical distance between soul mates.


Perhaps you are from different countries, states and lands and have met via internet. Perhaps you still have not yet moved out of current marriages and partnerships in preparation to unite with your sol mate. Regardless of the reason as previously stated whether you are here and your soul mate is in Timbuktu, when the time of “the calling” has arrived the relationship is destined to reconnect one way or another.


Just as nothing can keep the uniting and reuniting of souls apart, so too holds true for the soul mate couple in experiencing one another in the sexual plateau. Spiritual Sex in fact does not require the two soul mate partners to be in physical contact with one another. It simply is not necessary. True to its name the  “soul” mate connection is about connecting the souls. The human body is not necessarily required to be a part of that. Many soul mates will connect as intimately and strongly sexually as if they were touching one another bodies.


This contact involves “feeling one another.


Let me first explain that soul mates do in fact feel what the other feels.

While it may appear you are reading one another’s mind in truth what you are really doing is reading one another’s heart.


So know that you are not crazy when you feel your soul mate sexually as if they were in fact caressing and exploring your body. Know that you are not crazy when you get so lost you cannot tell where your partner ends and where you begin.

Know you are not crazy when you just know in your heart that both you and your partner are having an orgasm in the very same moment.

Know you are not crazy when you swear you can feel your partner’s breath upon your body or feel his or her touch running through your soul.


I promise you that you are both experiencing in the same moment what I call

a synchronistic ecstasy”.


Do not under estimate the intense power of spiritual sex.

Many will simply have an orgasm in the immediate connection or drifting thought.

Most swear it is more powerful than any physical contact sexual experiences they have encountered in their life.

In fact spiritual sex is often more intense and more powerful than physical sex with the same partner  later on.


It is raw pure energy of sacral heart.


Once connected often a third entity is born.


The dance of the fire.


Once prana from both soul mates are united in pure sexual ecstasy many experience what is called a fire dance.

Often the partner will see an image of flame.

This flame is their kundilini flame which seeks out and begins a joining dance with your partners flame or prana.


Often at the heightened peek of ecstasy many see a third flame created from the two.

Both soul mates are aware that they have created this third flame of love born purely of the spirit of love.


In many ways it is the birth of this third flame which is responsible for opening the soul mate doors in this lifetime of completions as never before in any other life here on this magnificent planet.

Part 2 will approach spiritual sex between two soul mates that are joined physcially.

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