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 What is a Soul Mate Part III



Soul Mate III ~Thee Soul Mate

(Before I begin here, I'd like to say that

if you are feeling this picture strongly,

know you are in The Divine Time

of The Soul Mate Connection.)

Soul Mate III has all the wonderful attributes listed above in Soul Mate II .

It is an honest and very strong connection from the heart.

It does not have room for betrayal and games nor any type of abuse.

It is a relationship that not only feels good and complete within you as well as outside of you

but it is also guided and lived through caring and respect for one another.

It is a powerfully full filling  relationship as each partner is filled and complete within themselves.

This internal cup of filled love within is then able to spill over onto and into

Your Soul Partner.


The only difference between Soul Mate II  The Life Long Connection

and Soul Mate III Thee Soul Mate is this;

In the Soul Mate II Connection ,sometimes in as much as we love one another and feel a strong connection to one another, there is a tiny something missing for one of the partners that he/she cannot put their finger on. Although it is still a wonderful connection , this tiny "lack of" can leave one with a sense of  the relationship still somehow feeling incomplete.


In this relationship the two people are so intertwined and connected that often it is difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins.


For example when one soul mate feels sad, the other soul Mate might just start crying for no reason

but not know why.

That is because they are actually feeling the emotions and soul of the other person.

Because of this, each is keenly aware of the others heart, soul and passion.

Passion and Sex are extremely powerful here as well. 

In fact many Soul mates in this group do not need to be together physically to experince the other person sexually.

Each "feels" the other and "hears, tastes and sees" the other easily.

This holds true even when they are not together in the physical.

During a sexual joining of love (again this does not have to be physically together)

often  what I call a "soul birth" is born. The two spirits dance together as one.

 In this dance a whole new spirit or child spirit is born and created

from the fire/flame of love.

It is in this new spirit created from a  part of each partner that we often say;

" he/she is a part of my soul".

That is literally a true statement in the utmost sense of being IN love.


"Thee Soul Mate Connection or Soul Mate III,  does not have this tiny something missing.

It is totally complete and whole within its love.

When the time is "right" for this connection to join and connect, all partners are guided,

sometimes gently pushed to move forward into this new life.

This often carries the big "C" word with it that no one likes to hear.~ change.

This means one is being called upon to make all necesary changes in their life

to accommodate and accomplish this new loving path of joy.

Often one or both partners

are married.

It is time to leave that marriage.

In some cases young children are still involved.

In todays world ,as Soul Mates are reconnecting

 at an extremely rapid rate as we approach 2012,

most people are already prepared and in position for this wonderful joining.

In other words most have already left previous marriages,

career and homes

Some have moved to new lands and places for new beginnings

and suddenly meet their Soul Mate.

We are working hand in hand as this massive exodus of reuniting is taking place.

If you feel called to make these changes but have not ,

the Universe will continue to encourage and support you until you move out of your fear

and into following your joy and passion of heart.

That is just how intense and gratifying this new earth energy is.

There are very few that do not hear the calling now.

I wanted to add one final interesting dynamic here;

The concept of  Soul Mates is not just some  "new agey  fly by night concept".

 It is as ancient and old as time itself.

In fact it is written about in one of our oldest texts called  the Zohar.

In the Zohar it is made clear

as to what The Soul Mate Connection is.

It also makes clear that when it is Divine Time for The Soul Mate Connection,

all parties are responsible to

support it in any way shape or form.

If one partner is being called for their Soul Mate Connection,

by law as it is given,

the other spouse or partner is obliged to step back

and support their partners new relationship. They are then to seek or wait upon their own connection.

In todays world as a psychic reader I have found that once one partner moves into their Soul Mate Connection,

the other partner also has their Soul Mate Partner "waiting for them"

 not too far down the line as well.

A complete circle of  tender love is thus created.


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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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