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 What is A Soul Mate Part I



Soul Mate l ~ Lifes Lessons

Now this leads us to what is commonly called The Soul Mate Connection.

This is the connection everyone wants to know about.

There are three types of Soul Mate connections.

(In addition to these three there are also  other dynamics at play.

I will be sharing future articles on two of these dynamics;

 The Twin Souls / Twin Flame Connection ,Split Aparts. )


 Soul Mate I ~A Mission and  Purpose

I call this first group of soul mate connection "the brother sister" relationship.

This  soul mate connection walks us through the school of hard knox.

It is usually our first marriage or relationship that begins at a fairly young inexperienced age.

 It is in this soul mate relationship that we have agreed and contracted ( ***2)

 to help one another experience the many different lessons here at earth school.

 These lessons are the tough lessons such as

learning to stand up for ones self,

learning the lesson of patience,

learning how to say no,

learning the words enough is enough.

You get the idea.

Because this relationship is based upon learning earth school lessons

we will often find the following take place in these realtionships;

 Betrayal ~such as having affairs,

dishonesty and abandonmment,


 These lessons often mirror many childhood issues (***3) that were left unresolved

They will continue to  show up in your life over and over again in relationships

until you stop,

take a look at them,

clear them out

and allow yourself to heal.

In this process you are being asked

to learn to find you inner strength.

You are being asked to find your voice,

to stand up for yourself,

to learn the words no~no~no,

enough is enough.

To find a freedom of new found self respect and love.

I call this stepping into your majesty.

The Universe has a "set time period" for this relationship.

Once the lesson is learned,

your work as a couple is completed.

It is here many couples divorce

and prepare for a new and wonderful journey in their life.

It is now time  to move into the next type of soul mate connection.

This next Soul Mate relationship allows you to fully experience the joy of  "being in love"

without so many challenging lessons attached to it.

Phew! Thank Goodness!  

Since most of us really do not like change very much

we often stay in the brother/sister soul mate connection longer than we are "suppose to".

The Universe might give you a gentle nudge to move forward

 by placing another type of Soul Mate connection into your life.

 Or  you might get so  drained ,tired  , angry or empty that you will finally reach

the boiling point of enough is enough to move on.

On to bigger and better things.

Which leads us now to the last two types of Soul Mate Connections;

 The Soul Mate Connection II ~ The Soul Mate Union  III in our next article.


be on the look out for future articles ;

***1 ( Reincarnation and Past Lives)

***2 (Spiritual Contracts )

***3 ( Inner Child)


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