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 4 Steps to the Soul Mate Connection


Are you one of the many individuals out there who feels like you're never going to meet your soulmate?
You've been open to it for years and the right one just hasn't come along.
Or, if they have (at least you think that was them!), it hasn't worked out.
The truth of the matter is that your chances of finding your soulmate are very good.

First for the good news;

This life time is destined to bring togther soul mate connections in a way that has never been done before.

For those that have had many incompleted soul mate connections in your past lives, it will be in this life that you are reunited to live out your life together.

The Angelic Kingdom, Spiritual Guides and Earth Angels here have gathered together to help support you on this new and exciting adventure in reuniting.

In fact the time has never been stronger than now. It is so good in fact, that the Universe has graciously agreed to step in and create many opportunities to help make it happen just for you.

But you've got to play a role in making your dreams become a reality.
Here's my basic 4-step plan to finding your true love:
Ask and ye shall receive

If a soulmate is what you want, you've got to put it out there.

Be conscious of your wording!

If you keep telling the Universe "I will never meet my soulmate," you increase the chances that this will be your reality .

Change your words to "I am ready to meet my soulmate."

Say this new, positive affirmation out loud several times a day.  

Open your heart

Most of us have been hurt at one time or another. But if you keep your heart shut down,

stuck in a spiral of self-doubt and fear of being unlovable, that's the energy others around you will pick up on.

On the other hand when you open your heart to receiving,

knowing that you are worthy (even if you have to fake that at first),

the doors of possibility open to bring that special someone into your life.

Open arms mean open doors for soulmates to walk through. So open the door and let them come in!

Check mate

Check your emotions and feelings. If it seems like your feelings come from fears such as ;

I'm afraid I will be alone the rest of my life;
No one will love me just the way I am.
I will only be hurt again.
Simply acknowledge those feelings , embrace them, thank them and send them on their way.
You are then free to release them.
Don't block yourself in with fear. Learn not to trust it. Fear is from past experiences and you're in the now.
Instead of repeating old patterns, see yourself creating a new and different future for yourself.
Remember fear is the opposite of love. Once you let  go of the fear,
you free up all that space so that  love can waltz into your life.
Prayer works

Whatever higher power you talk to, reach out to them! It has long been proven that the power of prayer can move mountains.
Sit quietly with yourself . Light a candle with the color of your choice. Send out a prayer letting it be known you are SO ready to receive the blessing of your special someone. Give thanks for all that you have and all that is to come. Breathe deeply as you patiently wait in your new found faith. Take a chance.

With this new attitude, watch the magic begin!

For support and guidance to find YOUR Soul Mate


or contact me info@rainspirite.com

© Rainspirite 2008


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