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Numerology & Personal Relationships

Have you ever wondered, when meeting someone for the first time, what exactly he or she was like?  In this fast-paced world, you do not always have the time to get to know someone well enough to evaluate him or her correctly.  Numerology is a tool you can use to make an evaluation of anyone and be sure of your first instincts, after doing so. We sometimes hear as an excuse for marital incompatibility that: ' You never really know a person until you live with him or her.'  When a man or woman thinks about getting married, they may consider the other's background, position, and future prospects very carefully ~ yet, this is only half of the picture.  There is an inborn personality and hidden characteristics that also need looking into. 

With Numerology, you don't have to wait and live with the person before finding out their strengths and weaknesses. When we are with that 'special' someone, we put our best foot forward, smile when we feel like frowning, laugh when we want to scream, and pretend to accept when we really reject his or her ideas or attitudes.  Subconsciously, we believe that we can change them after the marriage.  The only way someone really changes is because he or she decides they really want to.  With Numerology, you can spare yourself the misery of finding out the hard way where the difficulties may lie. Many bachelors give the impression of preferring 'swingers', yet deep in their hearts they are really looking for a 'good, old-fashioned girl'.  So, the woman who takes the time to investigate the meanings of his numbers has a good chance of ending his bachelorhood. Have you ever met someone with whom you felt an immediate connection within minutes of that meeting?  The reason is that the numbers involved with the people concerned gives strong vibrations of one sort or another that determines your relationship with them. By using Numerology, you can tell what your compatibility with any individual is.  You may have romantic visions of someone with whom you would be better off in business with than in a romance with. We have known married couples, who cannot get along because each of them has a different way of thinking, different goals, and different desires.  They seem to be constantly at odds because neither of them can understand or accept the other's principles. Someone born with a 5-Destiny Number, for example, would have a strong urge to travel, and someone with a 4-Destiny Number would have more of a 'nose-to-the-grindstone' nature.  These two could be mismatched if they did not understand the nature of give-and-take that is necessary in any relationship. Another all-important factor to consider is whether someone lives life according to the positive or negative vibrations of their numbers.  For example, in a 5-Destiny Number, the travel indicated could represent progress in the positive sense or fickleness and irresponsibility in the negative sense. You can check the numbers of those you date and choose the one who is most likely to support the lifestyle you prefer.  This is an ideal way to plot the course of a romance, or to assure clear sailing in a marriage, friendship, or business relationship.

Linda Reiger

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

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