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  4 Steps to the Soul Mate Connection  
  Are you one of the many individuals out there who feels like you're never going to meet your soulmate?   You've been open to it for years and the right one just hasn't come along. Or, if they have (at least you think that was them!), it hasn't....  
  The Purpose of Soul Mates  
  This week I delivered the following information to several clients. Before it gets lost in my piles of "to post articles"   :) I decided to immediately place in website now.   Injoy!   Soul Mates serve many purposes....  
  Numerology and Soul Mates  
  Numerology & Personal Relationships Have you ever wondered, when meeting someone for the first time, what exactly he or she was like?  In this fast-paced world, you do not always have the time to get to know someone well enough to evaluate....  
  What is A Soul Mate Part I  
  Soul Mate l ~ Lifes Lessons Now this leads us to what is commonly called The Soul Mate Connection. This is the connection everyone wants to know about. There are three types of Soul Mate connections. (In addition to these three there are....  
  What is A SoulMate Part II  
  Soul Mate II ~ A Life Long Connection   While This next Soul Mate connection is a beautiful one filled with much love and respect .   In this connection both people are strongly attracted to one another. There is a heartfelt connection....  
  What Is a Soul Relation  
    What are the different types of Soul Connections?    The Soul Group ~Soul Family ~ Soul Relations In Native American cultures you will often hear the term " for all my relations". This term extends well beyond the meaning....  
  What is a Soul Mate Part III  
  Soul Mate III ~Thee Soul Mate (Before I begin here, I'd like to say that if you are feeling this picture strongly, know you are in The Divine Time of The Soul Mate Connection.) Soul Mate III has all the wonderful attributes listed above in Soul....  
  Spiritual LoveMaking~ The Ultimate Ecstasy Part 1  
    Spiritual Sex   There is a subject not often found in articles and yet it is quietly used extensively through the soul mate community.   This somewhat of a taboo subject is spiritual sex, the ultimate ecstasy.   Because soul....  
  How DoesThe SoulMate Connection Work?  
  How do I know it is time for the soul mate connection? What are some of the signs that is Time What should be done in order for it to come together?   As a psychic reader that is supporting the union and reuniting of Soul Mates, I have....  
  Twin Flames  
  Lovers do not finally meet somewhere ~ They are in each other all along. Rumi Twin souls is not so much a matter of finding your missing half , as it is a call for   Two coming together as One. Do you hear its call?     For....  
  Become The Sky  


Walk out

like somebody

suddenly reborn into color.




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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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