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Energy report Sunday 4/24/2011


These have been some very challenging times. If you hung on and dug your roots deep into grounding give yourself a pat on the back. The events in Japan along with other parts of the world has been very challenging for those we call empathic. That means you feel what others feel, what the world feels.

On top of that there has also been very powerful alignments of the stars .





Many were busy busy helping to clear the shock, trauma and loss in Japan, you have held on quite beautifully may I say.

J deep breath


Yes about fighting with your husband. What we clear outside of ourselves , such as the Tsunami

We also clear within ourselves.


Also the energy was so wild and crazy that one really needed to be able to sit back and breathe through it in  order to  not also be swept away with the tide. When the angels speak of the tide they mean the emotional tide which came in seemed  to take over/sweep over everyone.


The events taking place in Egypt with people finding their voice, speaking their peace and ready to die for their cause was setting up the events of the holidays we are now in such as Passover….the voice of freedom and liberation and Easter the voice of arising and resurrecting into a new stronger more powerful people.


In addition to powerful world changes we are still left with the  overwhelming fear of self destruction looming over the world as we watch helplessly watching japans nuclear reactors continuing to burn dry.


As Mother Earth’s tectonic plates shift below the sea there is no denying that is it time to awaken.

There is no place to run and hide.

We are each being held accountable .

We hear the whisper that this too is your repsonsibilty.

We no longer live in the old frame world of securities and predictions.

(An interesting thing for a psychic to say hey )

We are creators. In this time we need to all be aware and do our part in whatever way each one chooses.


Let me add that by doing nothing is also doing something.

Let me also say there is no right or wrong choice but now more than ever we are seeing clearly the repercussions and results of the choices we choose.

The good part is we can choose again.

A shining example of the Universe at play in its infinite generosity.


So the question is what do we choose.


We go towards all of this to explain that if you choose fear, so what you choose you will create. It is not only OK and human and natural to feel fear when so much around seems to be collapsing , but we now ask you simply to no longer  get stuck in the fear. Move through it, acknowledge it, thank it and send it on its merry way.

This weeks totem is frog

Frog's Wisdom Includes:
Reminder of common bonds with all life
Singer of songs that celebrate the most ancient watery beginnings
Understanding emotions


Now is the time to renourish your body , mind and soul. A time to be really good to you!

Pay careful attention , watch and notice any health problems. You will need to begin to address them . Your health and well being has been placed on the back burner for far too long. Your body will be beckoning you care for it as well as your care for those around you.


There will be much more information surrounding that through-out the year 2011.

Get ready as we move into a a place of calm.

Sit in it,

Enjoy it for awhile.

In the meantime

Be blessed

Be well

Be compassionate and caring to one another.


© Rainspirite 2011

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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