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Runaway Train

While many of us now are experiencing many physical side effects

Some panic

Some in anxiety

Some getting run down and sick


I have found a common denominator;


If you recently have had chills or shaking this week and felt like you were run over by a truck, got up and said “what just happened to me” please email me with your experience.


From my understanding you are in acceptance to assist in clearing the masses. Keep in mind as you clear the masses you too are being thoroughly , and I do mean thoroughly being cleared as well. While that feels scary at the time it is always a good thing.


I hope to post a list of ascension symptoms to help each see how they are not alone in what they are experiencing. Nor are you crazy . If you are crazy at least you know you are in very good company! J

 From my Dear Astrolgy Friend Violet Maya;

 Sunday was a New

Moon - Double Aries where Sun & Moon conjoined with Uranus newly in Aries and Mars newly

in Aries. Aries rules the head...and is ruled by Mars which represents physical energy. I imagine

many, many people were impacted!  Yet, the knowingness that this too shall pass and staying

out of fear and trusting one is safe and able to intuit what is going on is extremley helpful for

us that are aware.

Visit Violet  at




Empath Alert


As you are not only empaths but also in agreeance to serve as practitioners and masters we offer please during these tumultuous times and waves to compassionately detach as much as possible if you are in a healing process yourself. Place all focus of energies on you.


Keep in mind that every experience being clapped in by the Thunder Beings now is for the highest good. We may not know fully the plan . In fact I believe it is impossible for any one person to know which is why we gather to share; but in the quake of things know you are being watched over and provided for.

Remember that what takes place outside on oneself also takes place within. This is further proof of your great connection to all that is .


For those that have wings to fly

For those that have feet to dance

For those that have heart to sing


All are being called upon the grace .


While many are asking is this the end ? The angels say yes

This is the end of times;

“it was the best of times.

It was the worst of times”.


One can no longer put a band aid on a boo boo to hold it together and make it better.

All must be torn down and rebuilt in order to be newly formed as strong substantial institutions.

Those that serve us as well as we have served them


We see our world bursting at the seams ready to explode.

Is it any wonder that the nuclear plant reflected what is happening within our deteriorating society

Our weary souls

Screaming for change; ready to implode


Like cars driving on a road filled with road rage.


With this  angels delivered in several readings this week



{This of course goes hand in hand with

What we persist resists but really it is much much more now that the waves intensify.}

(funny in reading over the expression has been, what we resist persist…interesting)



So here we beckon



For it is only in the breath

That clarity

Of body mind and soul

Will be reached

Will be achieved.


There’s a kind of synergy taking place now where an automatic balance is being create,

For I now I will call it an agreement of Mutuality.In this new found agreement while helping another is also helping yourself. There will be more on this at a future date.


Now is the time to stand within yourself. It is about the truth of WHO YOU ARE.


Not what you have denied of yourself for years, centuries but to stand

In the magnificence and beauty you born to be

Many times over.

Like the butterfly longing to be free

Return to the natural instinct

Your knowing how to fly

Your knowing how to shine light

Your knowing of the beautiful pure innocent spirit

You born as called child


One can never find the truth of who they other by living through the eyes of others.




Something grand is happening to the children as the seed for awakening is quickening ever more. I will start with our teens and young adults.


I will share this along with info on The Cosmic Heart shortly.


Stay safe

Stay grounded

BE Well!


With much love in light rainspirite

© Rainspirite 2011
plant a seed
watch it grow
Share it with love


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they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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