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 4.2.11 Opening



This week there is an increased sense of both urgency and anxiety.

 Make no mistake that each are being called to be ;

fully present,

fully awake

to clear

and to open the space of infinite possibilty and potentialty.

Remember as the tides rise to allow yourself to move through it.

Remember to breathe.

Also be sure you are taking optimum care of your physical well being.

A Dear friend of mine has sent me this information on the nuclear plant

since I wanted the real low-down from someone that works in this field

and would be straight forward and upfront and honest 

about what exactly is taking place at the nuclear plant.

 She has graciously agreed to allow me to share this information  with you.

I got your message in my e-mail and I found your request for information that you posted few days ago. Sorry for not seeing this before. I have been very inward lately. Here is the information that I sent you privately below. For those who don't know I have a degree in nuclear engineering and mechanical engineering and have been worked in the nuclear power plants field since 1977. I have been pursuing spirituality a little more than 10 years, mainly in shamanism.


I have been heart sickened by the events in Japan. Most of all is the tsunami that has killed more than 10,000 people.

About the reactors, all 6 of them. When the event occurred 3 were operating and 3 were shutdown for refueling or other reasons. Reactor #4 just had a full core just downloaded into the spent fuel pool getting ready for a refueling where 2/3 would have been returned to the reactor and 1/3 would have remained in the spent fuel pool (with the same amount 1/3 of fresh never burn fuel being put in the reactor).

Reactors are like ships at sea. A reactor cannot be put to a full stop just like a boat would continue to move when anchored, only slower. Reactors even when shutdown still release heat from the lingering radioactivity. This is called decay heat. Right after being shutdown, in few milliseconds the power goes from 100% to 7%. Within minutes it goes to 1% and then slowly it goes down… maybe by now the reactors generate less than .5% of the original power. I don’t have the decay heat charts in front of me and I am quoting from memory. Therefore, even if it is much less power being produced now, without water to cool it, the core and the fuel rods will eventually overheat ever so slow.

The fuel rods inside the core are made of a center of uranium sheathed with a zirconium alloy ( referred to as zircaloy). Think of a banana with the pulp being uranium and the peel being zircaloy. the zircaloy is also called fuel cladding. When the zircaloy overheats, at 2000 F it starts to react with water or steam and produces hydrogen. When hydrogen is exposed to the oxygen in air, it explodes in an exothermic reaction. An exothermic reaction is one that produces heat.

This is the reasons of the explosions and the reasons the explosions did not happen all at once, but in turns depending when the particular core would overheat and the reason the spent fuel pools (which by now maybe generate .01% or less of the original power) except for reactor #4 which had a freshly downloaded burnt core and thus is generating more heat than the spent fuel pools of reactor #5 and #6, but less than the reactors that were operated and shutdown at the time of the earthquake.

When the zircaloy overheats also becomes very brittle and fractures, releasing gas bubbles from inside the uranium pellets. That is why you see a spike of reactivity once in a while and then it comes down as it disperses or decays away. These are called iodine spikes and the take place and are indicative of the zircaloy cladding bursting. As the name iodine spike indicates, the most common of gas released from the uranium pellet is radioactive Iodine which is attracted to the thyroid. Another common gas is cesium and also helium. The most common radioactive iodine isotopes have a half life of about 7 days (I believe it is I-27) and another I-31, the most common, has a life of about 28 days. Half life means that in 7 days the iodine will be half as much, in 14 days ¼ as much etc. etc. For I-31, in 28 day it will be ½ as much, in 56 days 1/4 as much, etc. etc. Cesium has a longer half life than radioactive, about 30 years I believe, but it has less impact on the body, other than the normal impact that radiation has in general, which means affecting the digestive system and the blood system. However, in addition to decay of the particular isotope which reduces reactivity, the body has a way to expel radioactivity and contamination through elimination.

Until the reactors and spent fuel pool have full water cooling restored to it they are sitting ducks waiting for the fuel to heat up, fracture and release gases from the uranium pellets. However, with each day that passes the severity of each burst will be a little less because with each day the core produces less heat and the particles produced by fission decay away. At the same time the situation becomes worse because with each burst more and more radioactivity is released and more and more gets of the water and land around the nuclear power plant becomes contaminated.

In prospective, though, the effect of the nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the American Southwest and the Pacific Ocean during the cold war were far worse since in those cases at time zero the nuclear explosion released everything (uranium, plutonium, gases) to the world. The Japanese disaster is also less severe than what happened in Chernobyl, where at time zero the explosion from the overheating core released a good portion of the core (uranium, plutonium, gases) to the Ukrainian countryside and the rest of the world. However, this accident is worse than the Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania in 1979. At the same time we are protected in the fact that the event is happening in Japan. Very little amounts of iodine from rain have been measured last week in parts of the US, but the amounts were insignificant.

What I have described above is in the physical level. On a spiritual level, the Friday evening when the tragedy occurred, I happened to have had organized earlier a shamanic circle and of course we journeyed to Japan each of us lending assistance. Most of the group worked with the tsunami victims helping them find safety, giving them warmth or assisting the dead to cross to the light. I did that for a while too, but since I am in the nuclear field and knew what could potentially happen from the onset, I asked for healing of the nuclear plants. I was allowed to strengthen the concrete structures, channel radiation to the sun (since the sun loves radiation and emits radiation, anyway) but I was not allowed to help toward putting water where it was most needed to cool the reactors and the spent fuel pools. I begged 3 times and then I accepted that this is the will of the universe.


Thank you so much Maria!


 As if things weren't intense enough Thursday at 12 noon your time,

was a world wide prayer called by Mr Emoto.

If you are not familiar with his work on changing the chemical

structure of water through prayer, words and intention

I highly recommend researching him.

This prayer was focused on healing the waters around the nuclear plant.

The clearing energy released

from that focused prayer of many thousands of people,

worldwide was incredible to say the least. 

I believe through it people too were pushed towards deeper internal cleansings within as well.

Please pass this report on with website information

© Rainspirite 2011
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The following is from yet another wonderful Maria :)

Thank you Maria for this beautiful supporting video.

Thank you to the Group that are the wayseers.

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