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 Bridging 2010-2011



Bridging 2010-2011




2010 was the year of “afraid”. It’s energy besides clearing out junka junka as the angels so aptly put it , was to help steer us into the water energy of flow or as they say “go with the flow “. Many people were brought to the brink of the ledge and beyond, literally sending so many people up the river without a paddle.


Which did you choose;

Sink? Or swim?

Or were you dog paddling just to keep from drowning?

How many of you simply laid on your back exhausted and just floated by?


Deep breath


In 2010 we were given the word “persevere”.

We were beckoned to clean deep deep within and let go of attachments and relationships that were no longer fulfilling and nourishing to our soul and spirit.


We were guided, encouraged and supported to break patterns and relationships that no longer served our highest good. Once these patterns and relationships were broken  wide open spaces were created all around us. This new wide open space then alloed us to create new visions, and new dreams ever present.


Closing 2010 we were asked to allow self to fully experience fear , anger and guilt.

Once we  allowed ourselves to feel it we were asked to then release it and move towards forgiveness, especially in forgiving ones self.


I sent this Angel message to many a few weeks ago:


As old doors close

New ones open. Do not be afraid to move through them please.

Give thanks to all the old. Burn them and allow them to drift in the winds.

Create anew by placing new intentions,

dreams and visions on paper’

in a journal or

get together with friends and create a vision board.


The 2010 energy is/was called “afraid” and whether we have personally experienced the height of fear in 2010 or see it surrounding us in our country, community, work place or lives

We bid it adieu….

(bye bye)

As we welcome the wide open space to create anew.

These last few weeks have held the clearing of the energy of guilt so please work with that.

Burn it with a thankful prayer.

Allow yourself to Forgive yourself

and take a deep breath

to move through the doorway that no longer carries that weight!!


Deep breath


We remind that if something, even if it is a soul mate,

A life dream and project,

no longer serves you and nourishes your soul

it is a sign that it is time to let it go.



With gratitude of course


If you have not yet done so, we highly recommend

you write down and burn all you wish to


As well as to write and create all you wish

To be present in YOUR LIFE NOW €


2011    The Great IAM



While 2010 brought challenges beyond belief

2011 promises to bring Blessings beyond belief!



Let me begin by saying that over and over againThe Angels say,

"This is the year".

They continue to repeat that message

  in the most positive of ways.


 The Angels say that 2011 is going to be chock full of goodies AND

they mean it in a good way

not as a lessonthis time around

nor as  repeating -patterns in any way.


The angels tell me there will be no stone unturned in 2011 when it comes to one’s physical well being.

While 2010 was the year for emotional clearing, 2011 beckons us to clear out our physical bodies with a strong focus on the well being of our body and health opening the doorway for complete wellness of

body mind and soul.



Dream it

Envision it

Create it


If you can envision it

You will create it!


 I highly recommend making a vision board.

Invite friends and do it as a day of communal fun and love.

For more details on how to host a vision board party;



Remember you are powerful in manifesting

beyond what you can imagine

so imagine BIG!




In 2011 the Time Continuum will continue to speed up. This will bring an increased  sense of

getting lost in time such as forgetting what day it is, what time is it?

Not having enough time in the day to accomplish all you wish to accomplish

A surreal sense of both time and daily life.


This is a great reminder to;

Cherish every moment;

Enjoy every moment;

To be fully present and consciously aware in each moment.


As we entered 2011 I was told;


"One way or another things are coming full circle....particularly with soul mates...

Lots of “old loves”

that the heart has been holding onto have been and will continue to

keep popping back up physically into peoples lives.

Some are choosing to come back together,

some are not.


What is important is that all are stepping into

the reality of this moment

rather than the dream of the past."


Soul mates that were blocked for years as well as  women that  miscarried etc etc are all coming into full circle of miracles now!!!!


2011 will contain a fertile energy. This energy is absorbed by all living things on the planet thus  increasing oxygen levels.

The angels say that while 2010 was a year of water guiding all to become experts in; “going with the flow”


 2011 is the year of fire...in a super great way.

 I believe it’s the flame of passion and creation.


Feng Shui Master Pamila Faye confirmed this information for me:


Confirmation for you on 2010..Feng Shui calculations of the elements of the Metal Tiger, show yang metal is the parent of water, so metal brings water, and the Tiger has wood mostly, fire and earth energy. So water coming yes, as metal brings water. 2011 in the elements is again metal this year yin metal over yin wood of the Rabbit. Wood is the element that parents fire. Wood is chopped up by the metal and can be used more efficiently, wood is growth, creativity. Hope this helps answer your question from the 5 elements and Feng Shui



This energy report bridging 2010 and 2011 is a long rather intense report. Because of this it will be written in 2 parts. The next energy report will break down specific differences between 2010 and 2011 .

Some of which has been outlined or touched upon here.

In addition I will have forecasts for 2011 surrounding;





Outlooks for 2011 as well as a 5 year projection of life path and career.

So keep your eyes open for this new exciting information graciously given with love from

The Angelique Kingdom.



On a final note here a few things I am excited to be offering you in 2011.


I am thrilled  being in the process of creating

both a book as well as

Daily Angel Guidance cards !

I am super excited about this after finding two huge books of my classes , notes and writings of transformational information lovingly given to me by My Angels and many splendid Guides 

over the past 30+ years. J


I am opening programs focused on the following in 2011;


1-      Childrens Program ~


 ADH&D, Autistic


       Specific information  will be given for each child in terms of diet, supplements as well as balancing and distance healing from my end re emotional and spiritual energies the child may be carrying. These diamond and  crystal children , like their older counterparts the indigos ,often carry lots of global stuff. We would like to free them from that by clearing and supporting them to establish personal boundaries. (Sound familiar moms and dads? J )


2-      Teens and Young Adults Program ~


Years ago I was not “allowed: to read teens and young adult life paths as they had so many choices and needed to fully experience and be responsible for their choices. Thankfully today ( again thx to you moms that purchased readings as gifts for your kids that has changed) These kids a re different,. I have been having great success working with your kids as they search for direction on their path. The Angels are greatly enjoying this new wave.

They are indigos and it is better to support them and balance them chemically, support them in knowing WHO they are and why they are here and feel different. I may even open a room for these kids under my ministry for teens called One Beat.

These kids a re confused, listening and are ready!!!! Let’s help support them together. As one mom told me “They never listen to me so I was so happy to see them listen to someone that understand….their angels  )


3-      Practitioners and Masters Program ~


 Last but not least my practitioner and master program is exploding. Wow so many masters just bursting at the seams …so many questions and all the time in the world for answers and to process lololol! These programs are custom tailored by yours truly- You and your Angels. Don’t get all modest and humble on me…..Me a master? –YES! You are a master….or what some of you might call a master in the making if that makes you feel more comfortable .  At the completion of this intensive program you will receive a

Practitioners Masters Completion Certification.

For details on each of these programs please email me at



Each of these services carry the same cost as readings;

$55.00 for ½ hour or email diagnosis

$99.00 for one full hour


Please check out this weeks Health Watch on artificial sweeteners


Stay warm

Stay safe

Be loved!


With love rain

© Rainspirite 2011

Feel free to pass this on

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