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While the past few weeks the key word has been perseverance,

Please hold faith in yourself that;

  • You Can lighten up and lighten your load.
  • That you Can move out of fear based paths.

This not as impossible to do as you may feel it to be.

Yes You Can ! :)

For years The Angels have said 2 things about spiritualism;

1- It should not cost an arm and a leg

2- It's easy

So today we offer a few very simple ways to

Boost your spirit.

When you boost your spirit

You are also transforming Your life.

So today the Angels say;

Attitude is EVERYTHING :)

4 Easy Ways to Daily Boost Your Soul and Change Your Life


Did you know that just the physical action of smiling

Releases endorphins

(The feel good hormones) 

And lots of oxygen into your system and cells?

So while you are sitting at your desk smile a few times.

If smiling heals  

Can you imagine what a few good laughs

Can do for your health and well being?

At night turn on a comedy show or rent a good funny movie and laugh laugh laugh

 It's good for your soul!

2~ Changing Your Words Can Change Your Life

Make sure when you speak about you and

your experiences and dreams


In the present and positive.

So your words ;

“I am always broke.”

“I will be just fine.”

Please change to

“I AM prosperous and wealthy.”

“I AM great.”

These small changes of how you see and express yourself

Physically CHANGE your future choices.

(For more on words I highly recommend reading Dr Emoto)


                              3 ~ Surround Yourself With positive People

While it may be difficult to compassionately detach from family, friends and loved ones

The rule of thumb is

·         No One should take your energy and drain you.

·         If someone is not nourishing your soul than there is an imbalance that YOU need to change.

In difficult negative areas such as work that you cannot avoid

a simple hematite and pink quartz stone will do wonders .

Last but not least

4 ~ Fill Your Soul With Gratefulness

Each morning you awake

And each night you fall asleep

Give thanks for those things in your life that you ARE Grateful for.

This shift often moves the challenges, problems and sorrows to

A focus on ALL YOU DO HAVE instead.

This alone will create many miracles in your life.


Live, Love Be Happy!


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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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