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 10.19.2010 It WasTheBest of Times..........



Energy report 10-10-10


It was the best of times

It was the worst of times……


The angels have been repeating this Charles Dickens quote over and over these past few weeks.


While many of you have heard your angels express ;

“There is no right or wrong”

“There is no good or bad”

“There is no best or worst”;

   All is in

Divine perfection;


Never the less these opening words have been repeated over and over.

And so we honor them as with all things in all ways.


Deep breath


Having said that let us take a step further in acknowledging that it is during tough times that both the worst as well as the best will shine though people. Many are paying close attention now, a close focus on how loved ones, friends, family, acquaintances and strangers are supporting either yourself or those around you that may be facing challenging times.


With those surrounding us , as well as relationships both old and new, one harkens to the call to detach from anyone or anything that is less than nourishing to your soul, spirit and emotional and physical well being.

As many of you know this is no small task for those that have held steadfast and true patiently awaiting your soul mate to wake up and smell the coffee.


While freedom of choice is all pervasive now the angels gently remind;

“You are not a victim of circumstance”.


This may be a tough pill to swallow  as so many are losing jobs , homes and down scaling.Use this time wisely to reevaluate, to reflect and to move forward in some big changes. Little cuttings around the square will not work here now. These times require, request of us to take bold measures, bold steps and bold leaps in faith in taking chances.


Some may have spent the past few years working on a personal dream, a personal vision only to be asked now to surrender it once it comes to fruitation. Let it go if it appears to being pulled that way.Nothing is tangible now. Everything is within the flow you have created.


As with all things surrender the old project,

Surrender the old love,

Surrender your vision of who ,how and why.

Instead spend a few moments opening a space of quiet peace

In simply being,

Allowing all to be exactly as it is.

In that silent breath you will create a new space.

A space to create your new vision,

Your new purpose.


Allow yourself time to kick , scream,and cry as you greave the ending of one passage

Before you enter the next.


The angels remind that life purpose too changes as YOU change.

That the only constant in life IS change.



Through chaos we create change.

Through change we open new doorways;

Through new doorways we create new journeys;

Through new Journeys we create a new life;

A new world.


Deep breath


Many do not like change much and expend much energy clinging to the comfort of old ways until pushed off the cliff.


While it is advisable to watch out for those riptides and undercurrents always know that when you jump off the cliff into the dark abyss we remind

There are only TWO things that will happen;


1- You will spread your wings and learn to fly

(test your wings with this simple exercise)


2-    You will land with both feet firmly planted on Mother Earth.


Note for The Children-


Please pay attention to your kids toning notes or singing more. They are using this technique naturally to help balance themselves as well as those around them.Kids toning notes right now is extremely noticeable.If it annoys you please do not stop them. Try to bring yourself into alignment and harmony with them please. They can certainly use the help and support.It’s a lot for the little ones to take upon themselves without even knowing what they are doing.


Health Watch-

Shedding fat


Please continue to monitor stress as global stress is huge right now. Please begin to look at healthy foods and ways to shed weight. This is not about posterity but rather health reasons and life changes that will add many years to your life. Please see my health room for great tips and great websites.



These life changes are not for the faint of heart. If you have a serious illness that needs to be changed do not expect it to come from a quick fix pill. These life changes are just that. They take time, patience and a complete new way of living life. Often I send people info which the angels say;

“this will heal what you have but it requires a great deal of change on your part.”

Many walk away. But for those that stay and try and move into a new way of being, of seeing and of eating

Please know that “Yes! miracles do happen.”

As with all things, the choice is always yours J

To take full responsibility for your own well being and taking charge of your health by being pro-active  when it comes to your health is Always a very good thing!.


Last week while researching I heard the name Hippocrates. Hippocrates understood that in order to treat an illness one needed to treat  the body as a whole,not as separate parts. Today we are learning that in order to treat a single ailment one must treat the body mind and soul as a whole; That one certainly does effect the other.


Health watch and our kids-




Because so many parents have been approaching me about their kids of late I would like to make mention of some what have become common non-wellness’ with our kids.Many  children today are labeled autistic, ADH&D,Obssessive Compulsive,,Bi Polar etc. I plan  to write more on these special kids called Indigo children, crystal children and now the diamond children. As with all things it is a matter of balance and frequency and vibration.

In the meantime please read in my health room as more and more is coming to light for these kids re diet and allergies.



The angels have had me up many a night researching this topic for our kids so we can get them back into alignment and balance and hold a more harmonious place /space in life.

Deep breath


I have had great success in doing diagnosis’s on these kids and changing small things in a big way.

(Plz see one grammas recent testimonial)



This Weeks Animal Totem :


Ant's Wisdom Includes:

  • Patience
  • Stamina
  • Planning
  • Energy and patience needed to complete work
  • Communal living
  • Storing for the future


Share this wide and far with love please. Spreading love is always a good thing!


Kisses of love steph rain


© Rainspirite 2010


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