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 8.11.10 Star Watch



This week look to the evening sky in the West.

The brightest star is Venus as the apex of a V

The top left star is Mars and the top right glowing star is Saturn.

Look to the heavens August 11th through the 14th for The Perseid Shower.


Violet~Maya Musings

 This August of 2010 with it's Leonine Heart*felt energies has gifted us with opportunities to see & feel & experience unique planetary aspects! This lengthy window of Eclipse & planetary T-Squares & Grand Crosses which began back on the New Moon June 12-13th is still with us! ~~~Deep Breaths~~~will assist with extra oxygen + Ancient Breathing to be & feel peaceful during whatever may swirl around you... May you have had lots of fun on the New Moon in Leo on 8/08-09, lots of Leonine joy & celebratory energies available then to tap into with Sun/Moon Leo to uplift one's heart...

 Back to the sun, moon, stars & planetary configurations...When the outer planets are having this party together where they conjoin, square & oppose each other in numerous aspects, is when the Collective Consciousness & Mother Earth have magnificent ripples historically. At the dimensional levels we experience in daily life many will feel these energies empathically... If you have the opportunity to manifest an August vacation, to be in your sanctuary spaces often, or to be in your joy with your own type of creative fount, the aspects for such activities are prevalent~ On 8/12-13 we have more T-Square experiences when the Moon moves into Libra at 6:43pm ET...Then it shall be opposing Jupiter & Uranus in Aries, squaring Pluto in Capricorn & conjoining with Saturn, Venus & Mars in Libra! A plethora of creative Venusian energy abounds with these four planets in Libra~*~All that beauty & harmony being exuded is worth tapping into for whatever way you express your creative, artistic Self! Go for it, as you have lots of astrological support here! Choose to manifest the positives with these aspects in your life, as you focus on what or whom you love & enjoy~*~

 On 8/20 Mercury in Virgo goes retrograde until 9/12...Many speak of these 3 cycles per year as a communication glitch time, cancel that, as what you focus on expands! Instead be grateful when Mercury is in Virgo as that is it's mercurial home space, where one sees how details matter and paying attention is easiest then! You have Mercury in Virgo as your assistant...Yippeee!!! Look around at how much there is to see & do! Whew! And instead of the usual 3 week sojourn, this retrograde has Mercury in Virgo for nine weeks. Also, on 8/14 Uranus back pedals into Pisces during it's retrograde cycle, where it stays until early next year. Those with many mutable signs in their charts may notice some repetition in their lives with energies from earlier this year...Retrogrades are known to be the re-do, relive, reflect, etc. phase...So be it...

www.astrologyzone.com by Susan Miller has some lengthy individual sun sign info, if any choose to dive deeper. Also if you know your moon & ascendant, it may be helpful to read for those signs as well...
Enjoy life fellow Stellar*Beings of Light & Love & Laughter!!!

~Pope Leo X in 1514 announced that 500 years hence the world would end!
~Mayan Long Count Calendar began 8/10-11 in 3114BC at 4 Ahau 3 Kankin, cycle to end 12/21/2012.
~Love this pic of star clouds for 8/9/10 at
Astronomy Picture of the Day archive link:

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
Nebula IRAS 05437+2502: An Enigmatic Star Cloud from Hubble
NASA - August 9, 2010

Violet Maya is a Serenity Vibration Healing practitioner

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