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 08.03.10 We are spirit having a human experience



Energy report 8/1/10


We are human having a spiritual experience.

We are spirit having a human experience


It all boils down to one thing-




Energies these past few months, since the beginning of 2010 have been so incredibly intense that you may very well be asking which end is up?


The Universe has been pushing us through shame, guilt, truth, fear, anger, victimhood, martyr hood;

Bringing us to


Honesty, integrity, allowance, forgiveness, love, peace and joy.



If you are still tangled in the web of the above, we say give yourself a break and cut yourself loose.


Often we can be our own worst enemies.


It’s a really good time to stop that and to stop the self sabotage of the suffragettes.

That is certainly a message for all you empaths out there picking up

other people’s junk-a junka as the angels call it.


Compassionately detach and allow others THEIR STUFF while you work through YOUR STUFF.


Own it and release.

Yes this holds especially true for your loved ones.

You cannot do it for them.

Your gift to them is in allowing them to move through it themselves.


Deep breath


Deep breath



Health Watch

Aches and pains

Watch the colon


While I have come cross many as well as a personal experience

Aches and pains seem to be the health watch of the day.

We are truly beginning to experience and see how the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual are so strongly co-joined to one another


You disrupt one and you rock the boat on all well beings of your self. So it no longer serves your highest good to only focus on the physical nor to only focus on the spiritual. All parts of your human spiritual self are being called to be present and fully aware. All parts of self are working together as one whole.

Upper digestive tract seems to be creating lots of turbulance lately.

Eat lots of fruits and greens to keep the colon clean and clear.

Continue to monitor the acidity in your body. Again like a plant PH balance is everything. Many health food stores sell PH tests.

A glass of Lemon water in the morning or organic apple cider works great to keep the body alkaline. 

Everyone thinks those are high acids but that is not how they react in the body.


Cranberry juice (low sugar) or cranberry capsules work great in clearing mucous and acidity in the colon an blood tracts.


Are you experiencing weird aches and pains of late? Much of it seems to be found in the joints and hip areas. Treat these achy spots with lots of tender love and care. Warm baths, sun, cool packs all do wonders to help them harmonize back into your body actions rather than RE-actions.


We will speak more on aches and pains as we move through the summer months.


This weeks totem is the all powerful spider.


Grandmother Spider wove the fabric of the universe.

Spider's Wisdom Includes:

·         Master weaver

·         Weaver of the web of fate

·         Wisdom

·         Creativity

·         Divine inspiration

·         Shapeshifting

·         Understanding the patterns of illusion

·         Female energy for the creative force of life

This week we say walk in peace with open minds and open hearts.

Share this wide and far with love please.

Spreading love is always a good thing!


Kisses of love steph rain


© Rainspirite 2010

I love to hear from you!


Heres what you're sharing about this weeks energy report;

as usual.  vibes very well with where my daughter and I are at.
She had a car accident a month ago.  coma for 3 days, out of main trauma center in wichita ks then 8 hours north to madonna rehab center.
boy I can see now I was having hard time letting go of the "normal" and walking into the new.  (I am in my zone here)  They believe the "whole" person needs to be addressed (as your article this month is saying) I am living the perfect example of this.  The mental, physical, emotional, spiritual must all fall into line.
When Amanda and I walked in the front door (I talked the insurance company into letting me drive her, saved them bundles and more comfy for both of us) they said not many walk in the door, most come in ambulance)..  I asked Amanda, what is your goal.  She had a Traumatic brain injury and still talked like forest gump,
she said, "I want to be NORMAL"....after 3 days of being here, (lots of revelations happen for she and I on the 3rd day, day of manifestation to me) I noticed her wonderful room was on NORMAL street.  The social worker was reading a book by a 23 yr old that was about are we ever NORMAL.
3rd time....keep telling sis, the only NORMAL is in the moment.  can't go back, any of us to be THAT person.
I started homeopathics in the ambulance of ARNICA with her.  FRiends were working on her with a biofeedback system and the trama doctors were stabalizing her.  I kept using reflexology on her as docs worked on her.  With a little as drugs we could.  She has never been on any drugs.  She got a cold sore and I had them order her some lysien.  Didn't even know of it.  Did some energy work with my wand and it was gone.  They were amazed.
I had a dream last hear of going to the doctor.  They made me wait in the  back of the room while a handful of people were around a round table I knew talking of me.  Then the huddled like in a football game and said ok come up.  The table was full of what healthcare I might need.  The people around the table was the surgeon, a homeopathic doctor, a chiropractor, a reflexologist, a physical therapist, a nurse, ect.  I knew this was the future of our healthcare, and care in general for our bodies. 
we need the WHOLE of the body to heal the body.  I knew I would be a part of intergration of that.  My friend  teases me if I am whinning about something...
" I am going to have to use the "B" word with you.  I hold on, BALANCE in everything."
Just wanted to share my experience and tell you your energy in your article along with revelation of my journey here, and yesterday (having to stay in a small room with amanda's dad coming with us for a couple days, my ex has been a challenge) has helped me really become CLEAR....of my journey and I await direction.  It is my passion.
I knew from a writing last week I was hear to intergrate my name sake once and for all.  I am SHARON the ROSE of.  Jesus was known as.  It is the representation of the "unconditional love" that I came here to share in WHATEVER I do and say.
love S.T.

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