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 07.13.10 Energy Report



"Take a walk on the precarious side"

  What happened to my security blankie?


Precarious seems to be the new word as we create our new world.

"Life can change at the drop of a hat",

 is an expression I’ve been hearing for weeks. 

As many start to feel confident positive and secure and bam a new missile crashes in burning the rug right under them,

 not just pulling it out.

I hear;






I’ve been wanting to write for 2 weeks now 

how business’s now are strongly using fear

and  fear/ control tactics in their final days.


They are "using the little guy"

in a sense because people are desperate....

This side of business's and boss's and such is coming out full speed.

Kind of like “Gotcha”, “We have you”.

This is due to the current changes taking place in our world  .

The old dogma of corporations are collapsing and “going the way of the dinosaur"

In their final breath they are struggling to maintain control,

struggling to maintain power of the old structures that are literally falling to pieces .

In short they  are  fighting for their lives and their old established  ways .


Often the word expendable comes up in my readings for others being treated badly.

Treating people as expendable dehumanizes them.

Again this may be a very deliberate tactic to obtain a sense of control


As they fight kick and scream ,

 we are finding there is a total disregard and lack of compassion for anyone or anything that stands in this abominable snowman’s way. ...

Within the fear , as the infrastructure collapses ,

all those that serve under its domain are simply  just taking care of themselves.

 We are witnessing here the last final remnants of a “dog eat dog” world. Yuk!


I am seeing this everywhere I look;

with clients , friends and family.

What we once called victim hood has now become commonplace .


This wave  is being felt on many levels in many ways as it trickles down and creates an omnipresent effect in wide wide areas of space and form .This in turn has many cocooning and going within..introspecting...

reflected in The Hermit Card



In this new world we are now walking a precarious life .

There is little to no sense of security anymore as all security nets and  blankets have been pulled out from under.

As we are winging our way through life

 we are able to get a  clearer view flying above it all.

No one is safe.

This naked space of pure vulnerability is by no means an easy place to stand in but The Angels sing together,

“Try it. You’ll like it”.

OK I wasn’t going to write that but they inserted that message just the same . J


Don’t be afraid to stand naked like the emperor that has lost all his clothes.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and open with all walls crashed down and exposed.


Take this time and opportunity to fully explore ;

Who you are

And what you came here to do.

The more open you are the closer you move towards freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

and yet safety is very important now.


Please keep in mind that changing our world is no small matter.

We are speaking of course of all major institutions that have directly or indirectly a huge voice of control and empowerment in your life .

(Whether it be beknownst or unbeknownst to you.)



Banks & Lenders

Wall Street

Insurance Companies

Our Justice System



Each one of these are marked for change. No small feat as they fall, collapse and thankfully transform and change.


Hang on gang

Trust faith and hope are riding on these waves. They need your trust, your faith in yourself, your actions, your committment to change and to all that you are and came here to do.


This can be baby steps such as signing petitions ,recycling, prayer and being still and detached to being bold ,going out and speaking your peace, demonstrating, action or creating a whole new way of being and sharing it with others of like mind.


Which ever way you choose, know you are NOT ALONE. Your Angels stand strongly side by side with you.


Which leads us to this weeks totem

The Walking Stick


Walking Stick's Wisdom Includes:

  • Positive use of slowness
  • Stillness
  • Use of mimicry
  • Ability to hide in plain sight

Please remain mindful, clear and open during this very powerful time of transformation.

Soul Mate Alert 

I have seen the warnings to be aware. Be sure that you are differentiating right now between clearing out old junk , as lots of old junk is rising to the surface and dumping o being dumped on by your soul mate.

And what you Truly feel in honesty from your heart and soul. No easy task we might add.


Deep breath


Remember during the heat to take deep breaths, to allow , to take each experience as a new opportunity presenting itself JUST FOR YOU.


Share this wide and far with love please. Spreading love is always a good thing!


Kisses of love steph rain


© Rainspirite 2010



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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
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One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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