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May Day May Day

This was an SOS sent long ago that we as a people are moving forward from (healing) as we do.


Deep breath


As the angels have been repeating retreat retreat to me the past month or two,

I thought perhaps this was in relation to

Fight or flight.


While May Day May Day has become a warning of being alert, get ready and go, surrounded by flashing red lights


I believe its vestibules are being softened with cherry blossoms, forsythia blooms and things of spring that remind one of  the calmness and well being where

“matters of  the heart subside and rest”.



Has anyone  noticed so many more sirens;

police , ambulance and fire engines etc daily?

It seems these past two months regardless of what time I wake up I hear sirens in the distance.

I sit still,

And quietly say “what’s that all about?”’

 And then send a prayer of love.


Noise noise everywhere there seems to be noise. Along with the societal sirens I have noticed more and more external noise , I will call it what it is-noise pollution, both inside my home as well as outside.


I reach out or tools to maintain that peaceful quiet place within while it appears that absolutely everything in my exterior is hopping and jumping and screaming what I will call a disharmonious vibration. The angels call it a screech of ones soul.


One is asked

“Can you maintain a balance and move past while hearing a scratch on a chalkboard?”


Deep breath


Then to boot the angels would calmly say with love and no judgment ,

“I never promised you a rose garden”.


Perhaps it is time for me to create my own Garden of Eden?


Deep breath


Somewhere amongst this mish mosh of messages was also heard


Pride and asking for help.


So I know this too is important in sustenance and sustaining life right now.


Ask and ye shall receive is so important to one’s well being and inner strength as well as peace of mind.


As snake continues to shed its old skin we ask you to move forward and release  the weight you have been carrying on your shoulders. Use these simple exercises to release weight from your shoulders so you can fly free from many carried burdens.




Please remind yourself as you move forward from releasing old cumbersome burdens;


“This no longer serves me”.




This weeks Guardian Angels  and Guides


As journaling and creative writing are being authenticated, it is a great time to journal ones travels of the soul. If you are lost and confused and seeking a sense of direction, journaling can certainly help you gain a handle on many levels.

Write down your pains.

Write down your passions.

Where have you traveled from?

Where would you love to go?


This plus much more is guided through Hermes and Thoth. The scribes of transcribing.

This journaling will help appoint you to your stellar direction for the next months if not the next few years. So pay attention. It is a goody to plan now. One well worth many moons to come.


Deep breath


This Weeks Health Watch


While spring fever is in the air ,

for many so too is pollen and hay fever.

Keep nasal passages clean daily by using a Neti pot.

Stinging Nettle and Quecertine are great natural defenses against pollen and other allergens.


Totem of  the Week


Bumble bee-


As the bee travels to pollinate and spread new fruits from flower to flower we are reminded of bee wisdom and patience and dedication to ones purpose.

Bee's Wisdom Includes:

·         Connection to the Goddess Diana

·         Understanding female warrior energy

·         Reincarnation

·         Communication with the dead

·         Helping earth-bound spirits move on to their proper place

·         Concentration

·         Prosperity

Blessings of Love Rainspirite

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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