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This is a combination

Energy Report

for both weeks of

04.19 & 04.26

Therefore it is

Chock Full of Goodies!

Take it slow and breathe breathe breathe


So how is everyone faring the new energy waves?

Are you still hanging by a thread?

Have you given up and let go to sweet sweet surrender?

Are you still grounded to a point that you wonder , 

"When will I get up and get going and make it happen?"

Or are you flying high and need to remind yourself to breathe

and come down to earth and reality now and then?

Where ever  you may be,

perhaps a combination of

"All of the above" ,

you may be repeating to yourelf often;

"Day by Day"

"Moment by Moment" . 

Excellent words to live by now.

Thankfully the increased momentum of "mean spirited people"

is coming to a slowdown as we remind our self

flight or fight.

Flight would be the wiser course of action now ,

or in other words ;

retreat retreat .

As spring approaches there is a new

energy stirring & awakening within; 

"Pride and asking for help."

The angels say there will be more on this as we move forward in the next few weeks.


"sleep distress"  

or as many are calling it

"sleep dis-rest"

is huge right now.

It seems I am meeting more and more people on line from

1-4 AM than I do during the daylight hours these past couple of months.

A few helpful restful hints would be;

Take a Vitamin B complex during the day.

Drink a calming tea such as chamomile .

Take a nice soothing bath with lavender before going to sleep.

A walk after diner increases oxygen and calms a wary soul.

It appears that in a very big way

the mind is very overactive as well as

working grave shift hours in clearing out fears.

Dont forget to tap tap tap on your third eye

to help calm and quiet the mind. 

This weeks

Soul Mate Forecast-


Spend some time with these words and ask your angels to guide you here.

Pack it up if your partner is not ready

to rock n roll with


Please go here and begin to do ,

at the very least ,

one thing each week that you love to do.

It does not have to cost a fortune nor does it have to take a lot of time.

But the angels say;



Here are a few things to get you started and motivated


This Weeks Totem



P·         All aspects of beauty

·         Immortality

·         Ability to see into the past, present, and future

·         Dignity

·         Self-confidence

·         Rising out of ashes

This Weeks Angelic Guidance

  Arch Angel Gabriel

Gabriel has been known as the Great teacher.

If you are working on the lessons of Patience and Faith

and remaining calm you can be sure Arch Angel Gabriel is by your side

making it happen .


 Suffering from Hayfever-

Visit The Health Room


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Email us for and Angel Reading Special 44.22

or request a reading here



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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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