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 04.13.10 Whooosh



We are watching with hope filled eyes as the pendulum swings to and fro. In its swing each is now centered and focused on a sense of balance. Everything we eat, say, do and breathe now is about bringing balance back into our lives. 

Once this sense of balance is achieved

one is welcomed into the  doorway of harmony and yes

Ahhhhhhhhh sweet sweet peace.


Within this sense of balance or maintaining the balance is equal distribution of two states. These two states are the state  of being and the state of action . There is an appropriate time at different times for each one. There is a time and place to be still and retreat from the world as well as  a time and place to take action in finding ones voice and speaking ones peace.


Deep breath


This Universal Law will apply to just about everything encompassing both inside and outside of your life now.


Never feel bad about which one you choose at the moment . Should you feel different in the next moment , please be aware that you are always given the complete freedom to choose again. This might create space for a bit of an up and  down emotional roller coaster ride, which many of you may be experiencing now. Simply allow and accept that; ,

“It is what is”


“This too shall pass.”


Honesty with ones self is crucial right now.


This weeks word of transformation;


Abandonment ~

Transforming the old word abandonment of being left alone by a loved one (usually by  parent or partner in a relationship) and abandoned to…..







Tools to help you cope for this week are;


1 ~ Tears are great cleansers  ~ Let it out! Let it flow! It will feel good!


2 ~ This week the angels have been advising strongly to

 light yellow and orange candles.

Yellow for the solar plexus area right below your breast and

orange for the sacral chakra.


( If you are interested in some wonderful new chakra candles;

http://www.rainspirite.com/room.php?Room=20&Article=159 )


As we cleanse the sacral and solar plexus of anxiety and fears we open space of well being and the reminder, “I am safe”.

In fact well being ,

beneficial safety is a very strong focus of energies entering our world in the next few weeks. (Amen J )


Our Ruling Guide ;


Maat ~ Maat works hand in hand with


Arch Angel Michael who also often holds the scales of justice.


Maat weighs your heart against a feather on her scales of justice.

The angels continue to remind us over and over ,


“That Justice Will Prevail”.


Totem for this week is Mustang and Thunder Horse


Horse/Pony/Mustang's Wisdom Includes:

  • Power
  • Stamina
  • Endurance
  • Faithfulness
  • Freedom to run free
  • Control of the environment
  • Awareness of power achieved with true cooperation
  • Interspecies communication
  • Expanding one’s own potential abilities
  • Friendship and Cooperation
  • Travel
  • Astral travel
  • Guardian of travelers
  • Warns of possible danger
  • Guide to overcoming obstacles

As always be gentle with self!

Pas it on with love


© Rainspirite 202010


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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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