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The only constant is change


So what’s everyone feeling this week? We smile


Let me begin with dreams. So many , including myself and my kids have woken up and said,

“Wow that was so real. I gotta tell ya the dream I just had”



Dreams feel so strong , so real. Dreams are interpreted on many levels as they are the most complicated realm to translate. The reason being is that every single dream is unique and needs to be interpreted individually. While some dreams are future premonitions, some dreams a re clearings, some dreams are creating, some dreams are teachings, some dreams are you reaching out and connecting to another OR another reaching out and connecting to you, every single dream needs  its own interpretation.


If you have a dream you would like to have interpreted please email at info@rainspirite.com )


If you are sitting in the same space as many I heard from this week , we advise while in the tumultuous waves and you are not drowning  but feel drowning is close at hand try repeating these words;






For myself personally these words seem to completely change the energies around /surrounding me. To take yet another step further each time some of the dilemmas encompass your life, your soul switch YOR focus onto gratitude or rather all the blessings you currently have in your life. When trauma, hard time and challenges surface in our lives we often tend to leave behind and almost forget the many blessing in our life. So


From drama , defeat to;

I can have ,

I will I have,

I do have.


As we do spring cleaning ,anxiously anticipating and welcoming the newly blossomed cherry buds there are last minute tidings to tidy up.




is the word that has crept/cropped up quite a bit this week.

Without judgment or defining the whys, how’s , if’s and but’s of it

many that shine light are finding their light and joy irritates some around them.

If it seems to be an almost deliberate attempt from those around to squash your light

Or as the angels call it “sabotage ones happiness”

This would be a strong time to compassionately detach.


Instead of saying

Misery loves company


The angels express a new saying;


Happiness loves company.

Find YOUR Company to happiness they beckon.


So if you feel someone in your life is directly sabotaging your joy we say simply

turn towards the right (right represents future)

and walk towards finding someone that appreciates,

enjoys and will celebrate with YOU your happiness.


Again the replacement for

“misery loves company”


“Happiness loves company.”


Empath Alert ~


Go out and shine your light.

(The angels sing

“This little light of mine”).

While places in suffering are no longer

in the limelight of the media anymore,

Be sure to shine your light,

Shine your love

Their way.

There are still many sitting alone in the dark.


Weekly Totem ~

Butterfly Pupa

While butterfly is the sign of metamorphosis

it is the stage between the larvae and chrysalis

called the pupa that has come to my attention this week.

Pupa from Latin meaning doll

Is the stage where transformation takes place,

Takes root.


Wishing you blessings of love

Share this with love


© Rainspirite 2010


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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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