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 03.07.10 Keeping The Faith



Energy Report 03.07.10


Keeping The Faith


As we hold onto each breath,

remaining grounded within the Unification process

we discussed last week,

that slowly,

Steadily we continue to harmonize all in our path.


This breath continues to seep

into the many

that prefer to work in the energy of disruption and disturbance.

They almost seem to emerge and reemerge

as if holding onto their last dying breath.


Deep breath


There has been a re-occurring message these past few weeks of people being approached by what the angels simply call “mean spirited people.”

Perhaps these are people you have reached out to in the past. Perhaps they are family members, old friends, loved ones that often leave you drained or tearful.


In this theme we sense the clearing of the age old battles

Stirred between the victim and the martyr.

This fierce energy created by a  passive aggressive  

seems to lunge out in a final scream.


Is this the final cry of the wounded child that continues to show itself in times of frustration and final desperation?

It appears to be so as we are reminded we are all human.


Many say to , “detach and cut the chords.”

Through years of experience I have seen this tool is not the most effective as that invisible chord always seems to reappear and reattach itself.

In the end as with all things I have found embracing in love and harmony is the most effective way. We  say ; “thank you”  and then send them on their merry way in light.


This week we are experiencing fully the message

“that bad things happen to good people.”


So as you may be continuing to mumble under your breath,

“stop this train. I want to get off”, the angels softly whisper;


“Goodness rules”

“Justice DOES prevail”.


Deep breath


They remind us that during this time

of tumultuous winds and storms,

ravaging across mother earth,

that truly miracles DO abound everywhere.


All that is needed in the end is a friendly reminder,

(If need be over and over),


“Im keeping the faith”.


It is in that faith, that we will find ourselves

As we also find one another.


And That

Truly is a great gift!


This Weeks Totem

is Robin Red Breast

reminding us that spring is near!


Empath Report-

Keep a low profile and remain in that quiet

focused place within


Keeping The Faith

Wishing you blessings of love

Share this with love


© Rainspirite 2010

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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