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02.2.10 Energy Report

Licking Old Wounds with Humor


Has the world gone totally mad? That’s the question we have all been asking this week.

Within the chaos is a sense of frustration, at times anger and plain out, “I don’t want to do this any more”.


I have asked my dear astrology friends , “what’s going on up there?” as I fully know from experience that when one encounters the warrior energy Mars is at play above. Turns out there is a lot more going on up there with our planets than I had suspected. They  are forming a planetary alignment called the Grand Cross. So you have some idea of its intensity, The Grand Cross was in our heavens during the time of 911. This does not mean pending disaster but it certainly does shake things up a bit ,allowing one  to find their balance.

We will speak more about that at future dates . For now let it suffice to say grounding, breathing and stillness can be the three big stars in allowing yourself to move through these high impact energies with ease and grace. When Mars speaks we gain a sense of fear and hoplesness at times. Remind your self this too shall pass.

Last weeks reminding words for your fridge were,

“What we resist persists”. Surrender is key.


Effective expressions in allowing your human essence to shine through,


“the good the bad and the ugly”


Simple  words to practice now are 

 Im  “sorry”.  

I have noticed many that are kicking and screaming

have great challenges in simply saying, "I am sorry"

and allowing themselves forgiv3enss and gentleness to self.

It’s a great word to share with others from here on out.


Deep breath


In addition to those three ever important keys we offered above,

one has been standing out like a bright and shiny light;



While it may seem challenging to laugh or even want to laugh whilst smack in the middles of chaos and frustration,  it is in fact those very experiences that are leading you to the haven of laughter. Not just any laughter the angels have beckoned but rather nostalgic humor. They’ve been entertaining me by showing me clips of Marx Bros. , Abbott and Costello, Red Skeleton, Milton Berle. I barely remember Milton Berle so had to laugh when they showed me him as humor.

So get out and rent or download a few good old funny classics, make a big batch of popcorn and sit down and laugh laugh away! It’s good for the soul and is an excellent antioxidant as well!



Empath Alert

Last but not least a word completing last week is creeping into the doorway this week;




While hearing this word ,

it has crept into several forms of healing;


Broken hearted


Broken spirit


I am a broken woman.


The straw that broke the camels back.


Last night at 3AM I decided to look at CNN and see what’s happening in our political arena . There was a poll called ;


Do you think our government is broken?

This Weeks Totem

Snake -Shedding its old skin of shame


So this week as our new dog Buju reminds us ,

It is Ok to  lick our old wounds,

Always remember to move forward in humor,

Light heartedness and grace!

Wishing you blessings of love



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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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