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02.16.10 Energy Report


The pure essence of white.

The chilly cold of snow.

The dark clouds looming above

all lend backdrop to the quiet icy cold core feeling of the beauty of snow.

Once drifting it lends a subtle air of a surrealism. En~captured in that surreal moment you find a piece of you and sit within its bubble.


At first what appears cold and quite beautiful transforms into a slow feeling of stillness; perhaps loneliness creeps into this silent space?


Did you notice in this space you are no longer chilled to the bone but actually warm and yes maybe as we  move even further still into this space we sense contentment ?


No one likes loneliness!

Alone yes.

Loneliness not so much.


Deep breath

Allow yourself to be;

To what we call “flow into the moment”.

Every moment has many gifts to offer you,

Even if they do not feel so good at that time.

Trust in the process .


Deep breath


So with the snow has come stillness,


And yes even loneliness.

Allow yourself to be and feel whatever this brings up for you.

But as always we say

Do not get stuck. Allow it, feel and then thank it and send it on its merry way. J


Always breathe deep in the movement of going forward.


On another note the angels have sung to me several times this week during readings,

 The Beatles song “Let it Be”.

This was surrounded in the energy of allowing healing and “Don’t worry be happy”


This message was also given for the many beautiful people experiencing the loneliness in the silence of pure snow ,written above, during Valentines Day. All you empaths out there , this too may be a challenging time for you as well so thank you for supporting and assisting  the easement of these very difficult painful energies for both yourself and many many others!


While holidays hold so much beauty and majik they equally contain a time of reflection to clear the paths of  pain and sorrow.

We hope within “Let it be” or what the angels teach as allowance,  many may return to the flow of grace and then able to move into joy.


Last but not least the word burden has appeared in my vision keenly this week on many multiple levels.


Deep breath


As we continue to  transform and heal the energy of words we look at the feeling of the current meaning of burden. This means carrying a heavy weight, being weighed down with a load, duty or responsibility.

Like snake we ask you to shed your skin. The angels say “STOP AND DROP THOSE BAGS!”


If  your giving drains you and takes from you while creating a burden, rather than being offered as a gift , stop and reevaluate. Not so much the situation but yourself. During this “taking a new view” see what drains you . Then ask how can you move out of it in grace and transform the situation.


If it hurts it is NOT unconditional giving.


The angels say change  your beast of burden into aid, help and relief.


Ox is the totem as the beast of burden.

We end by saying a great gift to give others is to ALLOW them to be responsible for themselves and for their actions. That is a loving gesture not a selfish one.


Deep breath

Muskox's Wisdom Includes:

  • Defense of the vulnerable by the community
  • Ability to withstand coldness in others
  • Understanding of how to survive in harsh climates
  • Provides physical warmth in harsh times

Wishing you all peace within

Peace without!


feel free to share this energy report with website intact

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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