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Home Is Where The Heart Is.......




It is not at all surprising that as we quickly approach Valentines  Day here in the States that some very strong emotional feelings of loneliness will arise. To add to the mix I am hearing from many a sense of being homesick. Most of which cannot fathom where that one is coming from.


Let me express that years ago Arch Angel explained in great detail to me what this homesick feeling was all about. I will be going into detail in a future article explaining more about where this” homesick feeling” comes from and why. For now let me share the answer  given to me by Arch Angel Michael;

“Steph Home is where the heart is.”{


This may sound a little cliché and obvious but as time moves on my awareness of that statement becomes clearer and clearer . It is by no means a small statement.


No matter where you are,

There you are.

I now hear you can run but you cannot hide.

OK they seem to have a lot to share about this subject. J


Deep breath


Moving right along on a global scale this week.

Are you getting some intense ringing in your ears this past week or so? If so you are not alone. Not only has my husband been experiencing extreme bouts of tinnitus of late but so have many other men.


While little is medically known about tinnitus I have often heard a high frequency or tone in the atmosphere within earth and beyond that seems directly related to this peculiar ringing in the ears. Those that tend to be more sensitive to this higher vibration are often effected in several ways.


I have noticed that as the earths tectonic plates continue to shift higher and higher elevated shrill sounds are being released into earths atmosphere and being self absorbed by the many sensitives that are challenged by hearing them. For my husband this is often a trigger to a seizure. If you tend to suffer from extreme malady’s created from these high pitched tones, simply allow them to move through you and breathe them in, breathe out creating a harmony. I have a sense you are working to harmonize these very high highs and low lows into balance both within yourself as well as a global energy.


Deep breath


Last but not least , are you finding yourself retreating more from others or simply no longer have the space for others that are negative or less than sincere? Well you are not alone. While many are holding the space of connecting and merging and embracing, others are now taking additional steps in moving away from those that are less than honest, lack integrity are self absorbed etc. There really is no judgment attached here. It simply feels like a clean slate of space or still moving within the energy the angels have been repeating over and over;

The tolerant no longer  toleranting  the intolerant.

Perhaps this is a new shift taking place as the poles shift ?

Whatever this means for you, without need of rhyme reason or explaining yourself ,do not get hung up in defending yourself as “the other side” will come back fierce and furious. Just allow yourself to be honest with yourself towards others and move step by step gently in that direction. Stop trying to explain yourself. Do not stand on your head until you are blue in the face trying to explain. Just allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling and stay in that quiet place.


Deep breath


Energies emerge as high frequencies

while  at the same time are also maintaining a standstill.

A perfect example of a paradox? Maybe


Regardless of what it is,

or where you are at,

We say always please be gentle with self while doing so,

And as always keep moving / looking straight ahead!


© Rainspirite 2010
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