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Compassionate Detachment ***********************
Are you feeling as if some of the thick cloud of fear has lifted a bit?
Are you able to take a deeper cleansing breath and say ahhhhh ?
Have you loosened that single thread of a noose and come down from hanging by a thread on the ceiling?
Thankfully the little peep hole of joy energy has been gently surging open a bit more and more and more.
Allow this time to nourish yourself fully in this glimmer of light.
A key to all well being of body mind and soul is balance balance balance. Fully utilize this time to give to you, to place you on the top of your list and quite simply to give to yourself as you so easily give to others each and every day.
So this weeks word is Y ~ O ~ U
What a nice sound that has :)
Everybody say
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh again
This week we are reminded once again that it is Not about the experience of the daily events that encompass our lives,
but rather the focus on;
"How well are we moving through them".
deep breath
In the same breath of nourishing ones self , we are also reminded that this is a greatly beneficial time to take action. These past few weeks I have been hearing "the art of war" . I am pretty sure the Angels by no means would adjudicate the energy of War but somehow they are taking us on an interesting journey of understanding that through movement and action we too can find that space of peace. Of course this is being wholly reflected in the outside world political arena of decisions being made here in the states.
Will be very curious and interesting to follow this new set of dynamics and strategy. Through this eastern philosophy much will be understood on how human to human we can relate to one another through compassionate and loving detachment.
Like anxious movie goers we are also excited to watch as it unfolds and plays itself out.
deep breath
Last but not least thank you all for your wonderful responses , sharing's and insights to the 13th Grandmother "movement". I call it a movement because as we said it truly is a beautiful quiet revolution taking place globally. Your responses were certainly confirmation to me on how many of you are hearing similar messages and moving to a similar heart beat within.
I was asked to share more and will share a bit of what has been explained to me over the years. Many that come here and read are what we call earth Angels. That is old souls that keep coming back to make a difference on our most lovely  gracious planet earth.
deep breath
While earth angels certainly do come "from other places" most are from the original 12 tribes. Often this is referred to as the 144,000. While I am far from being a mathematician there is much information using this number with Pi ( Pythagoras) and the Flower of Life or the Fibonacci numbers. For simplicities sake so people can wrap their mind around it, The Fibonacci numbers can be seen in all of life . They are best represented and easily seen in a sunflower, pinecone,or nautilus shell in the spiral.
For me to wrap my mind around this means infinite, eternal, never ending.
So taking 10 steps back, those of the original 12 tribes are now in the process of creating as you form the 13th or often called The Grandmothers tribe. Please note this does NOT mean you are a grandmother or even necessarily a woman right now in this time and space.You are carrying the code of the feminine divine.
deep breath
So all you earth angels out there give yourself a break please. You are creating great master feats in this life for all creation. No small task I might add. :)
For your own protection keep any boundaries you deem necessary right now around you. Which reminds me I neglected to mention to all you empaths that while the emotional energies have been nicely cleansed , many empaths are experiencing taking on (unknowingly) physical aches and pains from others. Please do NOT do that. Ask to be a hollow instrument and allow all to pass through you without STAYING with you. Use prayer, candles, crystals, whatever tools you are guided to in order to accomplish this. Hematite is an old favorite to bounce out negative energies. Green for candles and stones and such is the healing color of the heart chakra.
Speaking of candles I ordered some amazing aromatherapy chakra candles before my trip and was so excited to see they are more beautiful than I imagined upon my return. I will be posting more information on these once we get acquainted :)
It is never healthy nor advisable to ever take on another person's stuff. Love them enough to allow them the gift to work through it with your love and support.
Super strong right now is focus on gratitude gratitude gratitude, all that you have and all you are blessed with. Practice compassionate detachment and allowing others their personally chosen path. Keep the focus OF you ON you and all will be well in the kingdom
Blessings of love steph

© Rainspirite 2009
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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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