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And so it is done

In today’s energy report,

Since many tell me that you are feeling outside of yourself,

Outside of the lines drawn,

I would like to move a bit in that arena.


Outside of boundaries


Deep breath


The angels ask today

Can you step outside of your own boundaries ?

Especially so since it has taken you so very long to establish them?

Can you step outside of your own preconceived ideas and beliefs?

Can you allow a small space today of possibilities ?

Can you begin to imagine infinite possibilities?

Not just the ones you have set up and determined?


In this space,

Anything is possible.

The Angels call this space

Infinite space and potentiality.


In this space your angels whisper in your ear and ask;


“What do you wish to create in your world today?"




1111 Energy Report

Steam Heat


 Do you feel as if you are on the Mad Hatters ride these past couple of weeks?

Are you quietly screaming inside stop this train I want to get off!


I cannot remember a more intense energy time.

Grounding is essential now. It is a good time to lay low and be still. Not the best time to make any major decisions or commitments until these global energies of sadness and anger subside.

The tolerant are no long tolerating the intolerable. (Try saying that one 5 times fast  )


During the calm one can almost taste the  huge need for change .

We beckon be aware of the warrior in you and how you allow him/her out.

Again silence can truly be golden in these times.


deep breath


I had hoped that once The House passed the health care reform bill that perhaps some of this intensity would have seeped out of the kettle. It is not something I am sensing as relief for the next few days ahead yet.

Now I am looking towards the greatness of the 1111 day. Perhaps once we gather to bring that day of oneness,

of awakening

of human compassion and caring together

the kettle will whistle and all this hot steam will pour out in a loving way ;

Cleansing everything

and everyone in its path.


So for now we echo remain calm

remain grounded

breathe deep

and know

this too shall pass.

With much love in grace steph rain


 © Rainspirite 2009
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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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