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The past few years many have been working on doing a balancing act with the thyroid. The thyroid as we know is one of those wonderful body parts that controls the weight gain that many have been moaning and groaning about.
While much is known about the Thyroid little to nothing to date has been understood about the Thymus Gland which sits below the Thyroid. It would only make good old fashioned sense that they were “placed together closely” so they can interact with one another.
Deep breath
In Intuitive healings allow me to say that The Glands are absolutely one of the most central points of the body . They are if you will the regulators of all major central systems within the body.
If one goes caput there is often a slow progressive deterioration or imbalance of all the other Glands.
Having said that when working on the body it is imperative whether it is nutrition, energy work,toning, whatever means and tools one uses , to look at the inside of the body as One Whole working balanced unit, not just a focus on one thing.
This can easily be done with breath work effectively bringing oxygen to all parts of the body.
Deep breath
Having said that today we will focus on the Thymus. I have noticed it quietly creeping more and more into a bit of unbalance this year and perhaps for some of you creating a bit of havoc within.
A simple way to assist in quieting /balancing the thymus is by a very gentle simple tap tap tapping in this area when you feel a bit out of sorts.
Using one finger of your choice simply and gently tap tap tap on your Thymus Gland area.
I have found the simple motion of tapping on the Thymus is very effective in "opening" it up . This area is located in the middle of your chest area ( see diagram) .
I had intended this weeks report to go a bit in a different direction in speaking about the higher heart but as often happens my angels had a different agenda than my own
So be well be healthy and tap tap tap on your Thymus. 9The color is green, turquoise or emerald green is great for this area so if you use stones and crystals or simply wear green clothes and light green candles they are all associated nicely in assisting to balance your emotional Thymus Gland.
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