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As beautiful as this sight is,

many of you have told me

it is by no means

easy to navigate.

Thank you so much to my precious son that finally put this together

so that 

you may be able to find

what it is your heart is guided to!


1.             Uniting Soul Mates

4 Steps To The Soul Mate Connection

Numerology And Soul Mates

What Is A Soul Mate - Part 1

What Is A Soul Mate - Part 2

What Is A Soul Relation

What Is A Soul Mate - Part 3

Spiritual Love Making ~ The Ultimate Ecstasy Part 1

How Does The Soul Mate Connection Work

Twin Flames

Split Aparts

 2.  2009 LIVING  A Passionate Life

                A.            Jump Into The Abyss

                B.            The Healing

                C.            Bringing In The New Year

                D.            2009 ~ Change Your Life

                E.            Who Am I?


3.             Guidance And Support

                A.            You Asked; Your Angels Answer

                B.            What Can I Creatively Produce That Will Be Monetarily Successful

                C.            Cutting The Cords ~ How To Detach

                D.            Soul Family

                E.            Field Of Dreams ~ New

                F.             I Cannot See A Light At The End Of The Tunnel.....

                G.            He's Just Not Ready For His Soul Mate Connection

                H.            Is He The Right One For Me

                I.             How Can I Find My Purpose

                J.             Words To Live By


4.             ~ Soul To Soul ~

                A.            November Soul Mate Report  ~ Warm Flurry's Of The Heart

                B.            Lets Do The Soul Mate Quake

                C.            P~E~A~C~E The Code Breaker

                D.            Stillness Inside The Mad Hatter's Worm Hole Of Love

                E.            May Soul Mate Energy Alert

                F.             Return To The Land Of Milk And Honey

                G.            Meltdown ~ Be Still


5.             Animal Wisdom And Footnotes

                A.            Animal Medicine

                B.            Weekly Footnotes


6.             Connecting To Spirit

                A.            How Can I Hear My Angels And Guides Messages

                B.            How To Increase Our Psychic Abilities

                C.            Who Are Angels And Guides

                D.            Self Hypnosis

                E.            Dancing With The Fairy Kingdom

                F.             Creating Flower Essences

                G.            Magic Of The Pendulum And Dowsing Rods

                H.            How To Read Tarot Cards


7.             Learning Tarot

                A.            Ace Of Cups

                B.            Tarot Basics

                C.            The Fool

                D.            The Magician

                E.            The Hermit

                F.             The High Priestess

                G.            The Empress


8.             ~ Prosperity ~

                A.            Sweet Sweet Success

                B.            How To Step Into Financial Abundance And Prosperity

                C.            Are You Up Against The Financial Wall

                D.            Take A Walk On The Practical Side

                E.            Guiding Words To Prosperity



                A.            Who Are We

                B.            Transforming Corporations Into Cooperation ~ New ~

                C.            Healer Heal Thyself

                D.            08/08/08 Transmission

                E.            Grassroots Revolution/Evolution

                F.             Guiding Words For 2008


10.          Sacred Spaces

                A.            Creating An Altar

                B.            Creating A Fairy Garden

                C.            Create A Labyrinth I

                D.            Experiencing A Labyrinth



11.          Be The Change

                A.            It's A Commitment

                B.            Vision Boards

                C.            Living Green

                D.            Pass It On


12.          Harmony

                A.            Chakra Balancing

                B.            The Crystal Kingdom

                C.            Dark Night Of The Soul

                D.            Grounding ~ Becoming Tree

                E.            Repairing Your Wings

                F.             Toning



13.          Seeing Out Loud

                A.            What If...

                B.            Jealousy Is An Opportunity

                C.            Shattered Mirrors

                D.            The Unfoldment

                E.            Out Of The Box

                F.             For Those That Have Ears To Hear


14.          Poetry

                A.            M'Lady

                B.            Her Center Of Stillness

                C.            IAM Falls Weeping Willow

                D.            Soft Moon Shining

                E.            Morning Hummingbird

                F.             The Lute Will Beg


15.          Message In  A Bottle

                A.            The Boundless Heart

                B.            Isis Rising ~ The Rapture [2007.06.22]

                C.            Planetary Kundilini Rising


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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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