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 Support Group I ~ Are You Stuck?



Are You Stuck ?




On a person or relationship?


In lack of prosperity?


In feeling unhappy?


Just plain stuck but do not know where it is?

 If this is calling to you

please write for more information or sign up and

take a leap in faith





Welcome Welcome
You are invited to
Our First
Group Healing and Manifestation Support Group
As a personal spiritual trainer ,
very much like a personal physical trainer
this program is also work out,
but in a different form  :)
The Personal Spiritual  Trainer Program is  immensely helpful
in supporting you each step of the way.
Because of the intense private one on one time it is not the most affordable or feasible way for many to go.
This program is developed through my life purpose 
to support one another by reaching out to one another,
in holding hands as we walk through doors together ;
in being perfectly clear that we are never alone
in a shrinking one world vision of love and compassion and caring for one another.
To boot perhaps many friendships and alliances will be formed here as well.
Hence I decided to start this  4 week program both affordable and attainable for all.
If money is ever an issue please do contact me directly as money cannot be a deterrent here please.
The reason I am able to do this is because of you and who you are. This is not a private reading forum. It is a group effort, a group hug. In some way if you are in this group you are also connected to others brave enough to join as well.
It also means you have a connection as well as similar circumstance with one another. Yep this is how The Universe works. We are merely the catalyst to help bring you together.
deep breath
I have no doubt that although it may appear that each person here has a personal individual situation each one of you share a similar or many similar components....
whatever that means for you.
I know you will not only assist one another out of the hole together but maybe even forge some nice life3 long friendships as well.
For those of you that have worked with me you know I fly by the seat of my pants and often, like you, have no idea what the angels have  in store for us. This class is no exception. While I was guided to move forward here I have little to no idea of where we are heading .
So together we will be in???
Yes the flow
Deep breath
Please know that as we move along together much of what you share will be answered in many ways and on many levels by your angels but mostly it will be the group effort and connection that will be guiding you through here.
How nice to have the support of The Angelique kingdom hey J
Relax, Breathe and Injoy
We will be approaching this program together on several levels ;
1-      Physical balance
2-      Emotional balance
3-      Spiritual balance
4-      Peace of mind and well being of body, mind and soul.
sign up now
Please email me at

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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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