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 Stress Buster Gift Set
Betsie is  Certified Clinical HypnoTherapist
Are you drained  from  those backaches
sleepless nights of stress
and ready to be rid of them
once and for all?
We have created an exclusive offer from Dr Betsie Poinsett !
This gift includes a 45 minute Hypnosis Session
followed by her 
Free Special follow up Relaxtion CD
so you can continue the relaxation any time you need  .
The Hypnosis phone Session includes 45 Minutes of
Direct one on one work in helping you to ;
1-  pinpoint
2-  focus and
3-  finally clear and dissolve
the stress's
that have been overtaking your life
and life force energy.
Your hypnosis session reduces all your stress levels back to normal .
Be amazed as your tensions just melt away.
Recreate this peaceful state of being
at any given moment by using your
Free Relaxation CD Gift
Compliments of Dr Poinsett!
Complete Gift Set $122. 00.... SALE $95.00
The Stress Buster Session is designed to allow your subconscious mind to rest  and renourish COMPLETELY!
Past Life Regression Therapy
Are you ready to work on healing your many past lives?
Are you experiencing a problem that just won't go away? 
An unruly child,
health issues that won't heal,
fighting with a spouse,
you hate your boss? 
If you have tried to heal these issues and nothing has helped, I believe it is because they are often a direct result of a Past Life problem that was never resolved from life time to life time.
 Dr. Poinsett's Past Life Healing Sessions are designed to take you back to Past lifetimes and situations that are currently creating blocks for you in this lifetime.
If you are ready to move past these major blocks that have followed you for so very long ,
then this will be the healing session calling to you.
For detailed information please email us at;

Power House Animal Totem Set $95
Do you see one animal over and over again?  We all have an animal totem that travels with us throughout our lives. New totems appear to help us in our life adventures.   Take a sacred journey to find your totem...your helper.  We can call on them to help us in any situation - relationships, work, healing.  Dr. Betsie Poinsett will guide you through a magical session to introduce you to the Animal Totem that wants to help you with these issues.  The private phone session starts with your intention - what area do you want to work on?  Then you will journey over a rainbow bridge to find your totem.  You will understand that as you claim your own power and learn to work in all realms, the paths in all walks of life become cleared and more easily managed. At the end of the session we will discuss the meaning of the special Animal Totem that you found. 
As a special gift, you will receive a  free copy of Dr. Poinsett's
Prayers of Transformation CD with your Animal Totem Session 
These powerful prayers will change your life!

One night I was sitting in my meditation room very distraught about a personal crisis. All of my spiritual books were around me and I started saying prayers from several different authors. By the end of the session, I was vibrating at such a high level that I levitated about 1" off the chair!!! I said "WOW, there really is something powerful going on here." I decided to write down all the prayers and then make a tape of them to share. Saying the prayers out loud is the key - it sets up a vibration - a resonance - through your body to lift you up from the lower levels of sadness, uncertainty or depression.

These powerful prayers are taken from several sources:

"An Ascension Handbook" by Tony Stubbs
"Spiritual Philosophy of a New World" by John Randolph Price
"Sedona: Beyond the Vortex" by Richard Dannelly


Hypnotherapy is one of the most rapidly growing approaches to finding deep relaxation. 
Through hypnosis undesirable habits and behaviors are changed both consciously and subconsciously. 
Hypnosis Treament REALLY WORKS!
From Barbara S -
Thank you so much for offering your Stress Buster Session. I loved it and wanted to let you know how much it's meant to me. I have meditated each morning for years but you gave me a key that has allowed me to go even deeper into my subconscious mind. Now each morning, when I unlock the door to my subconscious mind, I fill my mind with words about success in love, peace, harmony, health and wealth. I have affirmations that I've written that I read during my meditation time. These words are replacing the words of mediocrity and as a result, my life is improving. I highly recommend your session to anyone who wants to improve the quality of  their life!



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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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