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 How to Step into Financial Abundance & Prosperity


Once we understand that
thought ~
intention  ~
and belief  ~
are the first sparks of creation,
we might want to take a closer look
at our thoughts,
and beliefs
surrounding money.
Many of you reading this right now
are what I call "earth angels".
Most earth angels  I have been blessed to know through out the years
are with no doubt what I call givers in life.
As I say those words
the angels remind me of a sense of balance.
We are so much more than just one thing.
So the balance to a giver is  a "receiver".
Givers often have a challenging time allowing to receive.
Remember "allowance" is one of the first few understandings
in "the process".
red hot note-
There is a huge difference between a taker and a receiver. Something is offered to the receiver or asked permission of whereas a taker
(which most givers attract like a magnet)
just stomps on in,
takes whatever meets his or her needs
and has one focus and purpose in mind in the taking
~ self.
Now again I must preface any confusions by saying
there is a huge difference between being selfish,
and self centered.
We will approach this subject at a later time.
For now we are going to begin by asking  ;
"What is your energy flow with money?"
To begin to explore this ask yourself this;
"What does money mean to me?"
This is a great question to start with.
Write it down ,
take a deep breath
and ask yourself this question in a quiet time and place.
Have paper and pen handy to begin writing down the many different things that will spurt out from this simple question.
Star note: Hold onto your writings and ask yourself the same question in 8 weeks down the line. Compare your answers and see how they/you have changed.
Once you write down what money means to you we can begin with a few simple steps.
1- You will need to rewrite the old recordings in your head.
You might be asking what in the world does that mean?
Write a list of some of the old familiar sayings to you such as ;
Money comes in one hand out the other.
It is better to give than it is to receive.
Money is the root of all evil.
Write down all the sayings you can think of about money.
You get the idea.
Write them down .
Take a good look at them and ask yourself what do all these old sayings/recording say about money?
Are they positive sayings towards money?
Are they negative sayings towards money?
Which have I come to believe as truth.
Once you think you have all the sayings ask yourself what you were taught about money. How was money treated in your home?
Did you have parents that were always broke?
Did you have parents that always spent money?
Were you raised  to save for a rainy day?
To save your money?
Had fears about being homeless and hoarded money?
Find your families money story and tell it.
You will really learn a lot about yourself on this exercise. Great discoveries to be made here if you are honest with you.
Also you will learn how you have automatically taken on someone else's vision, fears,teachings surrounding money.
Money is one of the strongest places of
"I know best".
Because money has such a societal strength and no one is sure what to call it or how to label it ,
it is one of the easiest energies for us to simply blindly follow in rather than question and start a new way.
What many do not see is that money too is an energy just like anything else.
Let's say that one again.
Like love, anger, joy, money is just another energy just like everything else. It is no better than
nor is it any worse than any other energy that is Part of your life.
We spend much time in checking ourselves and our flow of energy and connection with God, people, The Universe, within , without and yet many discard the energy of money as just another entity or energy part of daily human life.
I will say right here, right now if you discount this energy interaction as you would any other energy interaction the lack of focus and positive energy with it will show itself as such in your life.
As we do with all energies our goal is to create a smooth flow. So too should we keep as a focus in our lives
the flow of the energy of money.
Ok so now you have looked at the many recordings of what you were raised to feel, think and live with money. You stopped to see perhaps how your family handed down certain beliefs , fears and judgments about money and unbeknownst to you ,
You have been living these fears and thoughts of others regarding money all these years blindly.
Now that you have explored and will continue to explore these avenues we ask that you write a new story. How do think you "should" react with money. Equally important you might ask ,"how should money react with you"?
Again write these down and spend some time with it.
I know you will be so surprised at just how easy this is, easy peasy. That is because you are finding Your connection and flow to money, not the recording you have been taught by family friends and society.
After acknowledging/recognizing
accepting and
you are now ready for the fourth "A" ~Abundance.
Abundance and Prosperity come through the door of creating.
© Rainspirite 2008

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to one another
are sealed
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