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 Return To The Land of Milk and Honey



March roars in like a lion and drifts out with the firery energy of a dragon.


The meltdown continues as we have  one foot on the leap year date of 29=11=1
as it shifts into the first of March.

March beckons are we marching to a different beat?

The meltdowns are generated by your hearts desire and its scream;
Here IAM

The catalyst sits squarely in the questions;

Why would I deny my hearts desire?
Why would my soul mate deny his/her hearts' desire?

Frustration mounts as the whirlwinds of confusion beseach us once again
to breathe and remain still.
Still as possible.
We are sensing the mix of what's equal to the yin and yang of an
This gives us the feeling of a sense of imbalance.

It helps to surface old hidden pains such as jealousy, abandonment and

Continue to be a ware of what you say to your partner as old wounds continue
to clear in the mix..
Two very strong questions to keep balanced as spring enters our heart and
our life is this;

Are you just spinning your wheels?
Are you burning both candles at either end?

if you are feeling "wind-struck" have no fear! You re not alone by a long

One minute love is at your doorstep,
the next you find yourself plunged into the depths.

These intense energies are coming in what one can only call sonic waves.
They appear to be coming from light-years away.

As the blast hits you be prepared to jump in a big way.
Know that your chute
is secured and take the leap .

This is the time to allow yourself to take the big jump and find your wings
to soar.

No thought involved. Simply shut down the mind.

As frightening as it will seem
this month please open your heart fully .
Fully engage yourself in trust .
Trust in your self,
trust in your partner,
trust in The
trust in the whole shabang of Divine Order
Divine Plan
Divine Time

This will then flow you into a smoother transitioning period which opens as
the dragon March 21st during the equinox.

The dragons fire energy will be a very intense time of passion, love and oh
yes those emotions.
It's a great time to abandon yourself, let down your walls and express to
your love that which your heart feels.

Take an even bigger chance and
express to your love that which your heart yearns for.

In this seed you are planting the beginnings
for a new path ready to be taken by both of you.

is an excellent time for prayer to assist you in opening even the most
stubborn thick walls surrounding ones heart.

Protecting ones heart will be out end of March running smoothly into April.
Such is the fire of the dragons breath of love

It is on this wave of fire that springs open the doors of rebirth.

New love is reopened
once again.

Get ready to frolic and bask in the light of love as we move
ever closer to returning to the gates of the Newly Created Eden.

Please refer to the March Angelic assignment at website.
Write these words down and keep on fridge or mirror where
you can read daily. Allow yourself to hear and feel your angels messages
each time you read them.

Do not be terribly surprised as we enter The land of milk and honey that a
gift of shock and awe takes place.

This is known as Leap years big jump-

This aint no place for sissy's. This is not easy for the faint of heart. So
stand strong within the call of your voice.
Understand fully what does and does Not belong to you. Allow your soul mate
to follow his or her own song
and in the end you will not just be humming Dixie but open to the return of
the land of milk and honey.

Are you soul mates ready for that?

with the mouth opening on March 21st of The equinox the energy of dragon,
blood love - the trinity flame of the sacred heart of heart ,spirit and body
is ignited and ready to spark the flames of Aprils fresh spring love.

It is in this ushering out and birthing spring in that the new love will be
balanced and formed..
As always in joy!

Blessings of love steph rainspirite

Monthly wisdom-
You cannot change another life path. You can only change your own.
The most effective way to open your partners heart is BY opening and
clearing your own. You can do this simply because you Are in fact connected
heart to heart.

(Feel free to pass this channel on with website info)

 © Rainspirite 2008


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Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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