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This new section is dedicated to the current energies surrounding

The Soul Mate connection.

February Soul Mate Report


While we have been vigorously connecting soul mates born from the years 1961-1965,

 the beginning of February opened the extended doorway

of those born in 1966-1967.

What does this mean?

It means if you were born in 1966-1967

and have been finding it difficult to make The Soul Mate Connection

get ready as you are now preparing to step into the Soul Mate doorway of  "Divine Time in Divine Plan".

Once you enter that doorway you will find a tremendous amount of Universal support

in bringing the Union together.

It frequently means the uniting happens effortlessly as well.

Seeing the doorways open quickly is really great news.


Along with this doorway also stems some new challenges as well

for those that are currently already working on bringing the connection together.  


Many are experiencing this month what can only be called a meltdown.

This meltdown is assisting you to clear your fears, angers, mistrust and jealousy.

Be very careful not to make any accusations to your partner.

These meltdown emotions belong to you.

Since we are working with Soul Mate connections here

 don't be surprised if your Soul Mate is also

experiencing these meltdown sonic waves of emotion.

Allow your self to cry scream and then later sit and discuss things once you are calm.

This is an excellent time ,

if you are pursuing or getting ready to connect with your soul mate ,

to be very quiet and still .

Go within rather than taking any actions at this time.

Part of this topsy turvy feeling began with Februarys' Mercury Retrograde.

This can really create lots of communication upsets and misunderstandings.

This month especially so with a Solar Eclipse on February 6th

followed by a Lunar Eclipse on February 20th.

Mercury turns direct February 18th ,

Thank Goodness,

before the Lunar Eclipse.

The tidal wave energies opened up during this time however

do continue to soar well through the end  of February

Spilling over into the beginning of March.


Use this time to be very still

as you continue to clear and heal old "lack of trust" issues.

This will allow a nice clear space for a smoother flow and transition

between you and your Soul  Mate Connection.


Wishing you Blessings of Love in All Ways Rain 




The forecasts begin on a Sunday (referring to our Sun signs)

lead into our Mondays (referring to the current moons.)


In these forecasts hopefully you may find some explanation of what is going on out there

as well as a guide to what you might expect  up ahead.


Hopefully it will add a sense of clarity and ease to the flow in which the soul mate connection travels within.

This in turn can make your journey an easier transition.

 Please feel free to share any experiences or comments to:


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Tender words we spoke
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One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

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