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After the Deluge comes the Impasse moving  Into Transcendence

Some will call this blind love Blind Rage


It is here that you stand solitary at the brick wall; alone with you and only you in the innermost ,

most sacred dark spaces of your soul shadow.


Deep breath


It is here that those around you might offer you the gift of lies, lies and more lies.


Do not be surprised if these are mostly brought to surface by none other than your heart and soul, soul mate.

How can this be? How can the soul mate connection bring with it the deluge of dishonesty, mistrust and most of all betrayal.


How can this be a gift steph you might rightfully ask.


Deep breath


Past traumas of Betrayal are now transcending and moving into a new way of being called being truthful or as the angels call it BeTruthful. .

Betrayal transcending into “be truthful” is the event.


Perhaps it is a serious betrayal that recently came up for discussion or a pack of small white lies . Either way it is a guided experience being brought to you.


There is a global Psychic Surgery taking place to help you prepare for the 999 doorway.


 Like a Sharp Scalpel ready to dig deep and even deeper into the center depth of not only your heart but even touching the core of your sole.


Let me make this perfectly clear here;


“There will be no stone unturned here.”


Never before has such a deep and intense cleansing taken place. Also keep in mind that this is not only personal to you but it is global and possibly even cosmic in scope.


On the emotional end be prepared for one of the most intense deep cleansings you have ever experienced.

You may experience a fire energy of anger/rage/guilt/pain never before experienced in your life.

We said it is deep.

We said it is dark.

And so it is.

This emotion is as old as the beginning of time, perhaps longer.

Bet you didn’t know “an emotion” is actually an ancient living breathing cell structure.


This motion will show itself fiercely in the state of being we call rage. This rage may hold an emotion you may not have fathomed you were capable of ; The energy of hate. Yes hate is a vibration. It’s an energy that is as real in existence as the vibration and energy of love.


Perhaps in just understanding that small concept one can bring to light some of the experiences, the events that we often call unfathomable, unconceivable. Those events that many of you cannot even wrap your mind around, nor want to. J


Deep breath


As seen in the light of frequency and vibration it may take on a new view of inner perception. As with  all energies/emotions denial is never the best route to take. It always comes back in one form or another in mirror vision given by The Universe. Acceptance and allowance are key to the motion of flow and harmony.


“All things in all ways it is said.”


Deep breath


While this space of preparation of 999 energies is the most intense , deep and perhaps challenging of all energy clearings we have moved through thus far ,there is good news here as well of course. It is a quick clean sweep. It comes in like a lion and exits like the lamb.


Such is the 999 closing of the Lions gate.


Deep breath


On the physical side.


The 999 gateway entrance is ruled by the teeth . So if you have been having problems with your teeth these past few months as many of you, myself included have been pay special care and attention to them now. The teeth composed of minerals ( similar in nature to solid bone mass ) also holds once again the ancient codings. This information is then triggered to the pineal gland to unleash the core elements of decay and rot. Likened to yes you guessed it like a good root canal drilling through the center of the tooth . So too you are drilling through the center of your heart ( the core) as well as the center of the hearts core


Make no mistake. Here are all completely interconnected as you experience what feels solo and alone but is actually a massive cellular connection on multiple levels and dimensions.


We may now name this “The star group”.


While the mouth itself is an interface as entrance and exit to exhumed breath so too is it a place to store , receive and release toxins and wastes. Extra care such as rinsing well with peroxide , white vinegar and water are extremely beneficial now. Gentle rinses of baking soda water will assist in stabilizing acids. Also super strong right now are acids and maintaining within the body a neutral balance.


As we say that keep in mind that all is about balance right now.


Many of you have written of rashes or strange pustules and such emerging on your skin. Please keep in mind that the toxins being cleared out both from the heart chakra as well as the physical intestinal and digestive track right now leeches up to the skin. This is a  good thing as it allows the largest muscle mass of the body to help assist in emitting many of these newly released toxins.


Gentle scrubs to slough dead skin made of oatmeal and scented oils would be very beneficial. Milk baths or oils such as almond oil  to soften the trauma to the skin will help your skin stay in check and release more easily and smoothly during this transformation of transcending.


Internally teas of choice room temperature too can assist with digestive matters as well as disharmonious frequencies of the soul and spirit.


Spend time in quiet contemplation. Because this wave comes with a smacking up against what feels to be an impasse be sure you are well grounded. Breathe deep. Spend as much quiet time


As all comes to surface in a quick dash, be sure above all else to be kind, loving nourishing and compassionate to YOU.


We hope we have not scared you away yet. Because the really great news is that once you walk out of this “ tunnel of love “

alone in your boat

you will be standing in literally a new world.


A world of blinding love and light.

This will be the purest form of love you have yet ever experienced and most important it comes from you.

© Rainspirite 2009


Share it with Love!



Make A Difference In our World and Be gentle With Self While Doing So



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