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 Gifts For Your Soul




Gifts That Nourish The Soul !


 Please email me your order as Postage and handling is not working correctly through PayPal


Here are a few of our favorite things.

In joy ! 


  • Inner Self Manifestation Bowl $15.95   SORRY SOLD OUT

Turn your Intention Into Your Reality !

This cast sculpture turns Intention into reality .

Clearing~Accepting~ Opening the Heart Chakra~ RECEIVING

A booklet  comes with the bowl and offers many ways to turn Your dreams into reality.








  • French Ceylon Tea $8.08  (top left) 

Cinnamon Apple Tea made in France
cacooned in a gourd

Dynasty Tang Collection Bust VIII-VIII Centuries $14.44

Bring Meditative Peace  to your alter and Life.



  • Porcelain Aroma Night Light $12.22

Both a nightlight and diffuser.
Comes with Lavender Essential Oils from France

Excellent for balancing
energies in your home and soul





  • Music as Medicine by Kay Gardner $49.95 

The Art and Science of Healing with Sound
from one of the worlds renowned innovators on
"How to create your own healing music".

Kay Gardner is a Path Setter
connecting Music and Spirit Forms

Truly an amazing gift for those creating music as
The Universal Language!

This 6 cassette gift set
is a prescription of healing music



Grounded Images of Peace Mouse Pads $7.95 each Special

Peace Filled energy mouse pads
help  protect your system  while balancing your own energies.

labyrinth, crop circle and zen images~



Mouse Pads



 These Delish Goodies will inspire , clear and ease your peace of mind , body and soul

  • Rejuvenate Spa Soaps $9.95  (On Left)

 pure botanical extracts of Bamboo Salt, Ginseng,Spring Bean,Ginko Tree


  • Kamasutra Herbal Bath Spirit Powder $12.95  (purple and green box in center)

brass keepsake leaf of life

Immerse and detoxify in oils of mint, geranium,fennel,white orange,lemon hint of rose


  • Isis Tray of Soaps $15.95

Olive oil, coconut oil scented lavender rosemary and mint on lovely natural fired clay leaf tray


  • Desire Soaps by Zen Zen $15.95

Metal-lilac citrus green....joy
Earth-Sandalwood, Patchouli...center yourself
Fire- Cinnamon Clove....feel festive
Wood- Bergamot,rosemary,lime....rejuvenate
Water-almond,vanilla....evoke success




  • Bindi Sparkling Jewels $15.95

Bindi is an ancient art recognized by Indian women for centuries.

Create over 30 body jewel designs .

A 64 page color book of designs, washable bindi paints, reusable assorted jewels are all included




  • Henna Tattoo Art Kit $15.95

Earth Henna Tattoos are an ancient natural art form used for centuries
by women to provide a way of expressing one's individuality and creativity of beauty and grace.

The kit contains Henna Earth Powder,Eucalyptus Oil ,Stencils and Applicators


Sweet Dreams

Let us help you get a good nights sleep


  • Golden Silk Embroidered Lavender Sachet $13.95 (bottom left)

Place on top pillow for restfull sleep.
Heat to place on aches or cool to place on body as needed.
Opens all senses and energy points beautifully!



  • Essence of Vali Lavender drops ~5 ml $9.95  (middle)

In blue velvet pouch .

Place drops on pillow, sheets and nightgown for a restful sleep.



  • 5 Silk Feng Shui Silk Lavender Pillows $13.95 (top right)

Set wrapped in gold cording with chinese Keepsake Good Luck coin
Opens synergy of calm waters and flow



  • Goddess of Beauty Engraved Beverage  Cups $11.11

From Anne Marston studios ~nourish your beauty within

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