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Dear Rain

Please say a prayer for me as I will be with my entire family this weekend (and my parents will be staying in my home).
They can all be energy vampires and I am praying for strength to come from a place of love and to see them through Angel's eyes.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Much Love,
D in Chicago

Dear D,

Make sure you do DEEP breathing and


Find a peaceful place within

for you to go to as needed

as well as a special retreat outside

you can go to .

Breathe in and ask your angels to help you.

Wearing a hematite stone will bounce off their energy and calm them.

A rose quartz will help keep you in a calm peaceful place...

when all else fails scream :) just kidding :)

You can do this...

Breathe Peace in

Breathe frustration out.

This will

bring out the Master in you!

Dear Rain

I actually feel that I've had much growth myself

that the way I act and respond is completely different

from the way I used to respond or view the situation.
I am now coming from much more empathy

and trying to "feel" the way they are feeling right now in their shoes.
Basically compassionate detachment....really puts things into perspective.
I actually feel quiet lucky and blessed in really stepping back and "looking" at my now reality/life.
p.s. it was my initial fear/defensive reaction (old pattern) before they arrived that worried me for a moment....

Dear D

yes I know...It takes time..We begin to understand to breathe before reacting 

A time will come where you will feel only love for who they are...

but its not easy and like everything else its a process..

no rite or wrong..

but breathing really helps .

PS family is one of the hardest to move thru

because there is so much emotional attachment,

childhood wounds and tons of garbage and baggage that was collected on the way :)

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are sealed
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