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 Am I born a healer? ~NEW ~



 I'm going to a reiki class next weekend and have been reading up on it ahead of time. It talks a lot about abilities such as seeing and reading aura's. It is powerful stuff but not something that I have been able to do. P---  told me a bit about you and I wanted to ask you if this is something one must be born to do or can it be developed?


You are in what we lovingly call the awakening.


We are all born with the ability to heal; To "see and hear" beyond our regular 5 senses. We are two parts.

1-We are human and

2-we are spirit.


 There are many natural healing modalities out there. Go towards whatever you are most drawn to. Personally I feel everyone IS a reike master but you will learn some great techniques. In fact as I read this I will say Reike is one technique or tool of healing.

So while we are innately all born and have carried natural healing ability knowledge for many  lives and years, it is a matter of which technique or tool you are most drawn to. I personally believe to try and utilize many . Learn as much as you can about each and in that you will find your personal niche you resonate with most.


Peter the reawakening is the remembering or unfolding of who you are and what you came here to do. You already contain all the information within. We call this cellular level wisdom the akashic records. So it is not so much that you are learning something new. Truth be told you are not. But rather you are peeling the layers , like an onion, of things that have clouded your knowings to allow you as a young pure child to re-remember all that you already know.

So allow me to say you are reawakening the child within you to remember who you truly are. You are already a great reiki master...now just remember how :)



Funny you should mention the awakening. Several years ago I read a book by dr. Eric Pearl called the Reconnection. I've read it a few times. Since then I've become a massage therapist, cert. neuromuscular therapist started with the first level of CranioSacral therapy and am now convinced of the power of energy healing. I've read a few books on it but although I can "feel it" I can't see or hear anything yet. So I thought I'd ask.


You might really like the technique called “tapping “......its unreal how easy and how effective it is..now you say you dont feel...forgive me for disagreeing..when you go towards a persons body in massage you are whether very conscious of it or not, putting just the rite amount of pressure in the rite place. In other words

1- you are led to a certain area

2- how to manipulate that area


That IS SENSING! You just think sensing is something more :)


I can feel it's just that I have yet to see and hear. I get glimpses as if things were just out of sight and hiding and I have inner voices that try to connect but somehow I just don't get it yet. I'm going to keep at it until I break through. As I read the reiki book and learned about surgery on the auric level I became more than a bit afraid of the awesome responsibility I was getting into. I need a lot more study to feel ready and worthy.


That’s a really great way to put it. Its not that you cant or you don’t have the ability..its the uncovering . So before moving forward and working with others...although you will and should now as that leads to trusting yourself...you need  to learn to trust 150% in you and The universe ( that it will support you on this journey). Breath bring the message in clearer.


Others will tell you "thats the spot" and how you hit just the rite place and how much better they feel. From that outside confirmation will come your within trust in YOU!

you're going to  do great!!


Thanks . This is what I was meant to do and what I want to do. I was told as a young boy to become a Dr. I didn't. I did everything in my power to avoid it and now I'm a healer. Guess I didn't have a say in things as it turned out and I'm glad the universe kept after me. Thanks Steph


The journey to find who you are and what you came here to do is truly a wonderful thing.

In ~joy it

Nourish it

And keep moving forward!

With much love steph


 If you have a question that you are willing to share here please email me at


Thank you P in Princeton NJ for asking!

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